How to break a losing streak you need to remember

How to break a losing streak

How to get out of a losing streak? It’s an important question that needs to be addressed because many people regularly face losses, drawdowns and mental health issues. Read the article shared by experts from W88 online bookie to know how to break a losing streak.

How to break a losing streak in sports betting?

Rule #1: Don’t try to win back lost money in a hurry

In most cases, you will lose more money. And the pain of losing the bet will be even more intense. The best way after losing in a row is: Close the laptop and only decide on the next bet when you are completely calm and clear-minded.

That is the most perfect answer to the question of what to do when losing bets in a row.

Rule #2: Don’t make excuses to feel better

Betting is so unpredictable that you might be surprised when the final results are announced. You might even comfort yourself for a number of different reasons.

For example, the referee’s mistake, the strikers played poorly and missed opportunities. Or even a small mistake from defenders or goalkeepers, etc. All of these can be excuses for your bad luck.

You have to be true to yourself and master your ego. Take a look at your misjudgments and find ways to improve them. That way, you can draw valuable experiences for yourself so that next time you can avoid mistakes.

Rule #3: Evaluate the details of the match you just lost

Evaluate honestly, focusing on the things you can control, like your decisions. What is the reason for losing bets here? Have you overestimated the abilities of a particular team? Or perhaps you just don’t notice how bad weather makes the pitch and scoring harder?

These are actual moves that will help you break your losing streak.

Betting strategies W88 players should know to break a losing streak

Before losing too big of a bet and wondering what to do when you lose a football bet. There are always ways you can significantly limit your losses.

Breaking a losing streak

Research your strongest leagues

Learn as much as you can about tactics, history, relationships and past results. Each match has its own background, you should grasp them fully before placing a bet.

Choose the best odds

It is more beneficial to have an account betting on more than one bookie (base rule recommends at least three) as you can find which bookie offers higher odds.

Limit your choices

You must build discipline to not go overboard with your bets. Put your money in the betting market that you are completely confident you will win and always bet within your limit

Expand your knowledge

Knowledge is never superfluous in any betting market. You lose not because of bad luck but because of lack of knowledge. Try to take the time to research, learn, even devise personal strategies. Thanks to that, increase your win rate day by day.

What to do if you lose your bet

Calm down: The losing bet is not the apocalypse coming. Sure, no one likes to lose money, however, you already know that you get nothing if you lose your temper.

Rest: This is a must after you have lost a series of bets. Only come back when you’re absolutely sure you’ve calmed down and start placing more informed bets.

Put your ego aside: The easiest way to explain a lost bet is to blame the players, the coach, the referee or even bad luck. If you put down your pride and start identifying your mistakes, you will definitely improve your gameplay and win rate in the future.


Above are all the shares related to breaking a losing streak. Hopefully with the information shared above from the experts of W88 bookie, you can overcome your own failure.

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