What is a Betting Builder? How does it work in sports betting?

Bet Builder

Being a sports bettor is sure to have a lot of exciting experiences. But to participate in sports betting requires the necessary knowledge. There are tools and features that help players improve their betting skills and chances of winning. One of these features is the bet builder. Let’s find out what a bet builder is and how it works when betting on sports on W88 online bookie.

What is a Bet Builder?

The bet builder feature was built from the fact that players need to request bets from the bookies. That means it allows you to customize your own bet, which is different from accumulator bets, where you bet on different events instead of making selections on the same event.

You can select different bets and then add them to your bet to form a single combo bet. The number of choices should be within the allowed limit depending on the bookies, some online casinos limit it to six selections, a number to twelve and anything in between.

Some examples of the types of bets you can place on the W88 mobile login when using this feature during a Football event are:

  • The result of the match
  • Half time / full time results
  • Which team will score?
  • Bets on different players’ goals (time, number of goals, first or last goal in a match)
  • Team advance or win trophy
  • Total goals in a match, total number of cards or corners

This way the bet generator will add more picks from a game, actually creating a bigger bet.

And if you don’t have a formula to use when building a bet, it’s helpful to know that one of the bet-building tips is represented by the rule of three; it means exact score, first goal scorer and total number of corners in the match.

How does bet builders work on W88 online bookie?

How does bet builders work

Common steps to use bet builder

  • After finding the desired match, click on the bet build tab.
  • Start building stakes. This is done by actually clicking on the available pre-match markets, that is, choosing from the list of bets mentioned above.
  • The selection is then added to the bet slip, and then the odds are calculated.
  • One thing you should not worry about is the opposite options – the computer will automatically remove this combination.

How does a bet builder work in terms of selections?

Speaking of contrarian selections, this is one of the major differences between staking tools and other types of accumulators. You cannot bet on – for example – the exact score is 0-0 and the winner is full time (by mistake), because this is not possible and the system will not allow it. This way you won’t risk ruining your bet.

So why should you choose a bet builder? One reason is that you can personalize your bets, combine winning formulas and of course maximize the odds.

This feature is perfect for fans who want to focus on goal scorers or on other aspects of a match. Also, if you are new to the world of sports betting, this is a very good way to improve your knowledge of odds.

Another important thing to note is that the bookmaker only offers pre-match odds, but you can still select certain matches and bet directly on them. Trying out an effective betting feature like Bet builder is definitely a great opportunity for those who love the details of a match, and also for fans who know the tournaments very well.


The detailed explanation of bet builder and how it works here has certainly helped you better understand this feature and how it works on W88 online bookie. For sports betting enthusiasts on W88, bet builder is definitely a very useful tool that everyone wants to use.

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