God of Fire Slot Review: How To Play and Bonus Features

God of Fire Slot

God of Fire is a new slot game released in 2020, a slot machine game, and quickly attracted a large number of players on the W88 online bookie. Similar to other slot games, God of Fire also has from 3 horizontal and 5 vertical rows form reels with different symbols on each row, depending on the theme of the game. Let’s learn more about this slot game in the following article.

Basic information about God of Flame slot game

The God of Fire slot game is designed in the form of a 3×5 reel (3 rows and 5 columns), along with a number of paylines of 243 lines. The minimum and maximum bets depend on the currency the player uses. In this article, we give an example of a player using the USD bet unit, the bet level will be as below.

Choose a line of USD 1.00 with 25 coins based on 243 straight lines, then the total bet paid for each spin will be USD 2.50.

Thus, corresponding to the line coefficients, the amount to be paid for each bet will be different. Min is USD 0.4 bet line with an amount of 1.00 USD. Max with line USD 12.00 with stake of 300.00 USD

How to play God of Fire slot game

Similar to other slot games on W88 Slot, the way to play God of Flame is very simple with the following steps.

How to play God of Fire slot

  • Select the total bet for each spin by selecting the value of each row with the maximum and minimum number of lines.
  • Click the SPIN (spin) button to initiate a spin.
  • Wait until the reels stop. The combination of symbols displayed determines the payout as shown on the paytable. Check the total amount earned after each spin.
  • Note: The reels on the Slot machine screen will spin randomly. You win if you land the same symbols (usually 3 or more) on a payline of your choice. Get a bonus (if you win) and start a new game.

Symbols appear in the game God of Fire Slot

In the Got of Flames slot game, there are 9 symbols and the corresponding bonus level as shown in the image below.

  • God: with the highest bounty in the game
  • Legend animals
  • Octagonal Gems
  • Hexagonal Gems
  • Pentagonal Gems
  • Basic symbols: A, K, Q, J

God of Fire has a total of 243 winning lines, the way to calculate the winning line is as follows:

  • Payouts are calculated from left to right in any position on adjacent reels.
  • The payout is the stake per line multiplied by the payout ratio of the symbol the player spins during that turn.
  • Only the highest winning combination pays the bonus. In the event of a problem such as slow network, loading time too long, lost turn, etc., bets and spins will be canceled.
  • So when starting to play this slot game, make sure the network is stable.

Other features of God of Fire Slot

Wild feature: can replace a regular symbol, allowing you to complete a winning combination. When this icon appears it will substitute for all other symbols in the 9 symbols. Except SCATTER. Wild appears only on reels 2,3,4,5.

Scatter feature: it’s a special bonus symbol. They don’t need to be on a payline, you also get rewarded.

Free Spin Feature: With 12 free spins for first time player 10x win.

The default RTP rate is very high, up to 96.99%.


God of Fire is a slot game worth experiencing luck. If you are already a fan of the classic slots on W88, then surely God of Fire Slot will not disappoint players. Join the game today to enjoy this exciting slot game with exciting features.

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