What is a Flexi bet? How Flexi bets work in sports betting

What is a Flexi bet

Flexi Bet is a betting term specific to horse racing. For Flexi bets, it allows players to specify their desired total bet for their bets or line, and the computer system calculates the number of combinations and divides the bet equally among the combinations. Learn more about Flexi betting in the following explanation from ww88 com online bookie.

What is a Flexi betting?

With Flexi Betting, you can combine with professional bets that often place large combined bets. You can increase your chances of winning by having as many combinations as you want with payouts that suit your stake.

Flexi Bet is only available for Multiple Bets and only if there is 1 Multi Bet on your ticket. Flexi Bet is only available for Pre-Match Bets meaning all selections must be for events that have not yet started. If a selection in the Flexi bet is voided or canceled, that selection will be considered lost for the purposes of calculating the Flexi bet winnings.

How Flexi Betting works on horse racing

Flexi betting explained

Step 1: Determine the amount you want to bet

The number of selections you choose has no effect on your total betting budget because when you decide how much you want to wager, that will be the total cost of the bet and divided equally among the selections. For example, you can bet with $10 also, or $100 also.

Step 2: select combinations for Flexi betting

The selection of combinations in Flexi betting is similar to the current selection of betting combinations. You still need to choose a location for Trifecta, First 4 or Quaddie. Let’s say you want to pool 5 horses in Trifecta then this combination usually costs you a total of $60, for a $1 investment.

Step 3: Refer to “Bet Percentage”

After you have selected the amount you want to bet and selected the combinations, the W88 system in Flexi Betting will calculate the percentage of the bet you have placed. This percentage will be based on the normal bet price if you bet with $1.

For example with $15 stake, your percentage will be calculated as follows: $15 (the amount you choose to bet) / $60 (the cost of the bet is $1) x 100 = 25%

Step 4: Pay the bonus

If your Flexi Betting selections are successful, you will receive an amount based on the percentage you paid. Assuming the winning Trifecta dividend is $200.00 then your Flexi Betting bonus will be: 25% of $200 = $50. If the trio pays $2400, then you pay back $600, which is 25% of the trio’s dividend.

Experience placing Flexi Betting effectively on W88

In order to place Flexi Betting correctly and bring about a high win rate, you need to thoroughly understand the percentage formula as well as draw up your own Flexi Betting tricks.

Here are some effective Flexi betting experiences shared by W88 players.

  • It is advisable to learn about the odds table and do thorough research on the horses on which you will be placing a combination bet. Next is to use your more betting experience to make the most accurate predictions of odds and percentages.
  • Master Flexi Betting knowledge and tricks to turn the tide. In a situation where the percentage is high but the win rate is low, only 50% of the bet should be used to prevent losing too much money. Players do not need to bet with high odds, but instead play small matches and gradually increase the bet capital to win in the long run.


Flexi betting is popularly applied in horse racing betting on W88 online bookie, but if you understand its essence, it can still be applied to other sports with similar properties. However, to ensure the win rate, Flexi Betting should still be applied for horse racing betting on W88 online betting.

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