What is a Trixie Bet? Guide and explanation of how it works

What is a Trixie Bet

When participating in online betting on W88 bookie, you must have heard many players talk about trixie bets. So how effective is trixie betting and so popular with so many players, let’s read the following sharing from W88 experts to better understand Trixie bets.

What is a Trixie bet?

The Trixie bet is a multi-method bet in which four bets on three different selections are combined into one.

Primarily used in Horse Racing – but available across many sports – Trixie bets are the ultimate three selection bet consisting of four placed bets, offering a high potential return on relatively low stakes.

With the accumulator you require every bet to be entered. The beauty of Trixie bets is that if an option fails, profits are still guaranteed.

Backed by William Hill, this is one of a number of bets known as ‘insurance bets’ – a type of insurance if you miss your Treble.

How much you draw depends on the number of selections you win and the odds of each bet.

Remember, the Trixie bet does not include singles in your selection.

Your winnings will therefore be calculated on three winning Doubles and one Treble.

Trixie betting is a great way to protect your bets a bit in the event one of your selections doesn’t win and can prove to be lucrative if all are in – that’s why it is often compared to Patent Bets and Yankee bets.

How does the Trixie bet work?

When you decide to bet use Trixie betting, you have to follow these rules:

  • You cannot back multiple outcomes on an equivalent event
  • You cannot back events across multiple sports.

Trixie bet explained

That means you cannot, for example, bet on the exact score in a soccer match and the same number of corners in the same match.

Your total bet is always four times what you decide to enter because of the three Doubles and one Treble that you place. Your stake will reflect all four picks in a Trixie, so you need to allow four times the value of your stake.

It is then important to consider the potential profit margin relative to your total bet. You can do this easily using our Trixie calculator.

Example of application of Trixie bet

In essence, you choose three events and include a number of bets. Let’s take these events A, B, C as an example:

  • 1 X Double results A and B come true.
  • 1 X Double results A and C come true.
  • 1 X Double the results B and C into reality.
  • 1 X Treble on all three outcomes A, B and C come true.

If none of your events take place – you will lose your entire deposit.

If one of your events went through – you still lose your entire deposit.

If two of your events go through – one of the doubles wins and you get a profit (which can be greater or less than your total bet)

If all three of your events pass – each of the three doubles wins and so does the treble means a guaranteed profit.

Effective Trixie Betting Experience shared by W88 experts

Capture the match situation and bets

First, before placing a bet on Trixie, you need to spend some time learning about the situation of the two competing teams. Specifically, it’s the players on the field, the substitutes, the scoring ability, the coach’s playing style… Only then will you know how to bet correctly and reasonably.

Proper capital management

It is best to make a clear table of dividing the amount of money you have specifically into the games before playing. When playing all that money to know where you need to stop regardless of the outcome win or lose.


So through the sharing from the expert of W88 mobile bookie, you have a good understanding of Trixie bets and how to apply. Wish you successful application and win many bonuses.