How to play 5 Dragons Fishing online to win at Casino

5 Dragons Fishing

5 Dragon Fishing is also known as a pretty hot game at the prestigious W88 online bookie. So what do you know about this game? How to play 5 Dragon Fishing on casino online W88 and any tips to always win? Let’s find out right away about this game in the article below!

Introducing 5 Dragon Fishing game online

5 Dragon Fishing, like Shenlong Fishing, Ocean King, Duo Bu Duo Cai games are all popular real money shooting games at W88 online bookie. The reason it stands out in all fish shooting game online is thanks to its eye-catching graphics, realistic images and extremely flexible features. In addition, the reward rate of this 5 Dragon Fishing game is also higher than other games.

When you step into the world of Five Dragon Fishing, you will feel the liveliness, authenticity and quality of the game. Moreover, the game also makes those who experience it feel like they are really wandering at the bottom of the ocean. So it is not difficult to understand why this game attracts so many players on W88 to experience it.

How to play 5 Dragon Fishing on W88

The gameplay of this Five Dragon Fishing game is not too difficult to understand, you just need to follow the detailed instructions below.

How to play 5 Dragons Fishing

Step 1: Log in to your W88 betting account

To be able to participate in the game Five Dragon Fishing you need to log in to your account at W88.

Step 2: Transfer funds from main account to sub account

To play this game you need to convert money into coins to be able to buy bullets, cannons,… to participate in the fish hunt.

Step 3: Enter the game Five Dragon Fishing

After successfully logging in and transferring funds, you will proceed to the game by selecting the GAME item ⇒ Choose the game Five Dragon Fishing ⇒ Click PLAY or PLAY TRIAL.

You will wait about 30 seconds for the system to load and put yourself in the game. You will need to read carefully about the features, bonuses,… Specifically:

  • Dragons Bonus: If you see the Dragons Bonus appear on the screen, you can cooperate with others to catch it to get the fortune and have a chance to get 36 times bonus points until the Dragons Bonus leaves. And will receive 1800 times more than 4 holy gems and 5 dragon thrones.
  • Shark Mouth Cannon: If caught in the game you will be rewarded with gaoas 5 times your bet and can get an additional 30 free bullets. When a fish with a multiplier of 10 above is hit using the Shark Mouth Canon, the odds of eating are higher. If you catch fish with a multiplier of 10 or less, you will have a chance to get a random coefficient.
  • Depth Charge Bullets: You can get 30 extra bullets when you bet here.

After reading and understanding, there will be 3 game halls for you to choose from: Newbie Lobby (0.3 – 30), Expert Lobby (3 – 300), Lobby 5 Dragons (30 – 300).

The special support functions included in the game are:

  • Automatic shooting: Open automatic fire and fire bullets continuously to catch fish.
  • Shot aiming: Ignore all other fish’s obstacles and shoot to attack the selected target.
  • Adjust gun points: Add and subtract gun bets. In the case that you have a machine gun and a drill gun, it cannot be used.

Tips for playing Five Dragon Fishing on W88

Tips play Five Dragon Fishing online

Single fish shooting

This is one of the tips used by many experts on W88au in fish hunts. Because when you are still inexperienced or just starting to play, accurately shooting fish at a target will increase the likelihood of catching that fish.

Shoot fish in flocks

Usually, the fish will appear quite sparse so you will just focus on shooting a target to increase the probability of hitting higher. But if you have a case where the fish are following, you should shoot a lot of bullets into it to be able to catch a lot of fish.


With the ways and tips to play Five Dragon Fishing that we have just given above, we hope to help you win more real money. Have fun playing 5 Dragon Fishing online on W88 casino