Surfing Betting Guide: Betting Explained and Strategies

Surfing Betting Guide

If you are looking to bet on surfing, you will definitely need to read the following article on how to bet as well as the strategies that you can apply for betting on surfing on W88 online bookie. This is a new sport betting, so the rewards from the bookies for this type of bet are extremely attractive.

Overall of Surfing betting on W88 online bookie

Similar to other sports, for betting on surfing, W88 players will also participate in betting on surfing tournaments. With a professional and reputable bookie like W88, the provision of bets on surfing for players is diverse and prestigious, along with an attractive payout ratio.

Accordingly, players also need to constantly update sports news about this sport, while watching major surfing tournaments such as WSL World Championship Tour (WCT) or World Qualifying Series (WQS).

Effective surfing betting strategy

Find out Surfing Payout Rate

Reputable online sportsbooks like W88 offer professional surfing odds using money lines. Moneyline odds are expressed as +/- with dollar values ​​attached to them.

For example, according to WSL Current Odds for the 2022 season, John John Florence costs +300 to win the Championship at the end of the year.

How to bet on Surfing

What does +300 in this example mean? If you bet $100 on JJF to win the 2022 Championship at +300, you will win $300. If you put $1000 in JJF, you win $3000.

But if you bet on Miguel Pupo at +12,500, your $1000 bet could bring you $125,000! With the new format of the WSL Finals, betting on a long shot at the start of the season is a wise way to protect your bets for the whole season.

Option to bet on surfing at reputable bookie

One of the important surf betting tips is that you need to choose your betting platform carefully. Because betting on the sport of surfing requires all the information about it, including the odds. So finding a legit online casino site like W88 online bookie is essential.

Consult expert picks and predictions

After understanding how surfing odds work, and choosing the correct W88 to bet on surfing, the following prediction strategy will help you increase your winnings. Although you can get a general idea of ​​who has a reasonable winner in any given event on a WSL tour. W88 recommends tapping into other resources to help you make your selections (bets).

Types of Bets in Surfing

You don’t often see bookies offering you odds on many surf competitions, at least the smaller ones, although this could easily change in the future. As this sport attracts more attention in the betting scene, now W88 bettors mainly choose the overall winner of the match to place their bets.

However, you will find odds for major competitions featured on the W88 betting site such as the Olympics. W88 bookie often contains odds that change as specific events approach, so you will be updated with the most accurate and fastest information.

One important thing that players betting on surfing on W88 online bookies need to remember is that surf betting is only a small branch in the world of sports betting as opposed to big sports leagues like betting on the NFL and MLB.

The first one we’ve covered and bets on concerns the overall winner or, in the Olympics, the gold medalist. You can also bet on a Top 3 finish. In the Olympics this will involve the winner of the gold, silver and bronze medals at your chosen event.

You can even place a head-to-head bet, depending on the site you’re betting on. For head-to-head betting, the sites will pick two surfers of identical rank and pit them against each other. You will choose the surfer with the higher score, and if your surfer wins, you win.


Surfing betting is still a new and little-known sport betting, but this is an opportunity for you to participate in betting and win more easily on W88 online bookie. Hope the above explanation and shared strategies about surf betting have helped you.

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