Virtual horse racing betting guide: Detailed information

Virtual horse racing betting guide

Virtual horse racing is one of the attractive betting forms of the W88 bookmaker. When participating in virtual horse racing betting, players will experience simulated matches without waiting as much time as real horse racing competitions in the world. Find out in the following article about virtual horse racing betting guide on W88.

What is Virtual horse racing betting?

Virtual horse racing is an online activity, the tournament will be set up by the system as a real horse race. Bettors will be provided with information about tournaments, races and detailed information about each racehorse as if they were watching a real race.

The difference between virtual horse racing betting and real horse racing betting is the timing of the laps. In virtual horse racing, you only need to wait for 3 to 5 minutes to have the results of a race immediately, so that the results of the bet payout are also quickly resolved and money transferred to the player.

Instructions on How to bet on Virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing rules

The virtual horse racing betting portal is open 24/7/365, players need to have a gaming account at the W88 bookie and deposit real money into the account to be able to place bets.

Information about virtual horse racing matches will be updated regularly and fully on the homepage of the W88 bookie, players can place bets at any time, the betting portal will be closed 10 seconds before race begins.

How to bet on Virtual horse racing
How to bet on Virtual horse racing

Every time a race ends, information about the time of the new race will be updated immediately so that players can continue to bet.

The average total race time in a day is about 35 minutes, and a single race day will have a total of 9 races. A race will last from 3 to 5 minutes to have a result.

A complete race will include

  • 15 seconds start.
  • 6 seconds horse introduction.
  • 10 stop betting.
  • 70 to 160 seconds of the official race, this time can vary depending on the length of the track.
  • 10 seconds to finish the race.

Each race will have the number of horses participating depending on the arrangement of the organizers, it can be 8 horses, 10 horses or 12 horses.

Types of Virtual horse racing bets on W88 Bookie

First horse bet: you will bet on the horse that you think will take the first place in the race.
Bet on the horse that won’t finish first: you can bet on the horse that you think will be difficult to get first place.

Horses in the right position: that is, if you pick horse A in first place, if the result is correct, you win the bet, and if horse A comes in second or third, you lose.

Betting on exactly two first-place horses: with this bet type, there are two more bets, you will bet exactly which horse is first and which is second. Or you can also bet on two horses that you are sure are the two in the first two places, regardless of which one is first, which is second. The winnings on this bet will be x 2.

Bet on exactly three horses to finish first: Similar to the bet on the first two horses, in this market you can choose to bet on three horses with three clear first, second, and third positions. Or just bet on exactly three horses that you believe will finish in the top 3 to win money.

Easy-to-win Virtual horse racing betting experience shared by W88 experts

Prepare yourself a specific budget for virtual horse racing betting

Compared to many other virtual betting subjects, virtual horse racing betting is much more stimulating, winning and losing is very noticeable and easy to make you forget the way back.

Preparing your budget well before coming to virtual horse racing betting is a must.

Do not bet continuously

You need time to calm down your emotions, whether you win or lose before, because gambling always requires calm.

No fixed bets on just one horse

This is the advice that horse racing professionals give to newbies, as there is no guarantee the system will let your favorite horse win multiple rounds in a row.


Thus, you can see that Virtual horse racing is a form of entertainment sport that is as fun and lively as real horse racing on the W88 bookmaker. Apply the above virtual horse racing betting guide and participate right away.

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