Best Golf Betting Strategies: Apply Golf Betting Tips from experts

Golf Betting Strategies
Best Golf Betting Strategies from experts

A quick review of today’s top Golf betting strategies. With the development of online sports betting, golf is also included in the betting form of leading reputable bookmakers like W88. Learn more about effective golf betting strategies in the article betting tips free below.

Basic terms in golf on W88

Before coming to effective golf betting strategies, bettors need to grasp and understand golf terms.

  • Tee box: is the player’s first hit point. This place is typically marked with two markers on either side to point the legal tee limit.
  • Fairway: is the word used to indicate the way the ball rolls.
  • Bunker: is a sand pit. Usually at the golf course there will be many obstacles, sand pit is one of them.
  • Rough: are terrain areas with hard obstacles like rocks, weeds, bushes, etc.
  • Lake: are the ponds found out within the golf links.
  • Green: may be a special grassy area of the golf links , on which there’s usually a ball hole and where the ball ends. The green areas will often be flagged for players to navigate.

Easy-Win Golf Betting Strategy shared by W88 experts

Golf Betting Tips
Golf Betting Tips from experts

Know the match schedule

In order not to miss the big tournaments with the top players in the golf village, you need to keep an eye on the schedule to place your bets in time.

Along with that, you can know which team’s match will take place in the near future so that you can promptly search for information about golfing teams or individuals to place bets effectively.

Tournaments that golfers can follow such as PGA Championship, European Tour Tournament. Some other tournaments for men in the world must be mentioned such as: Asian Tour (countries in Asia but excluding Japan), Sunshine Tour (South Africa region), Japan has a separate tournament called Japan Golf Tour ,etc.

Understand the rules of the game and understand the golfer

Although these two things are very basic, there will also be many players who bet with the mentality of luck. Betting is an entertaining game, but it also takes a bit of time to learn and understand the basics.

These will help you earn a large amount, or at least not lose. Study a golfer’s results in the last few tournaments, find out if he missed pre-tournament practice or suffered injuries, even minor injuries.

If that athlete doesn’t even try to win the past matches, chances are, betting on him will be meaningless.

References from previous players

Maybe you understand the rules, know the time, but with the growing sports betting, the house’s way of setting the odds, especially with this very new golf betting game.

Finding an experienced player to refer to is highly recommended. You should learn with an open mind, and sift through information on effective golf betting tips and strategies.

If you can’t find yourself someone to learn from, please refer to the articles shared by the experts of the W88 bookmaker and apply them to bet.

Choose a reputable bookie like W88

You don’t want your money to be lost to an unprofessional, financially insecure and often bad news bookie.

Choose a reputable, long-standing and licensed bookie like W88, trusted by many players and always pays the right people the right money.

Find out more about the upcoming golf match

It is equally important to pay attention to where the match is scheduled to take place. The venue for the most important championships doesn’t change from year to year, so it shouldn’t be hard to keep track of.

For example: Some players may not have achieved any good results for many years, but on familiar courts they have overcome any obstacle, such as tall grass or trees.

Therefore, the analysis of the golf course also plays an equally important role when you decide to place a bet.

Weather is also an important factor, as these weather factors can greatly affect the overall outcome of the tournament. There are times, due to high winds, that inexperienced golfers will hit incorrectly leading to loss, and your bet will of course also lose.


Based on the Golf betting guide, this is a betting form that attracts a large number of participants at the W88 house. Hopefully with the sharing of effective golf betting strategies from the experts of the prestigious W88 bookie, it will help you bet correctly and win more money.