Football Betting: Guide to betting on football W88 for beginner

Football Betting Guide

Currently, the information technology system is strongly developing and exploding all over the world. Along with that, online betting has also gradually developed. In the past, football betting only appeared small and regionally; but today, football betting has grown online and is becoming more and more powerful. Do you know anything about football betting online? Please refer to the following articles football betting guide of W88 experts.

What is football betting?

First, online football betting is a form of online betting. Instead of having to go through a traditional soccer bid, you can bet on a LIVE network with the dealer. The football bookie will use the website to provide you with odds, odds and betting methods. You just need to access the website and place a fast and convenient soccer bet.

Great prestigious tournaments at W88 Football Betting

  • World Cup: W88’s experts will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the teams participating in the World Cup in the football comments before the match. With these observations, along with the ratios you have chosen, can partly help you shape the team that you decide to trust.
  • EURO: Euro 2021 odds at our house have a variety of different handicaps, such as Asian, European, Big Under, Indo or Hong Kong.
  • Premier League: It is the top level of the English football league system. Experts say that this is the world’s leading tournament because there are many famous clubs with many fans. You can bet on intense games in this tournament.
  • La Liga: Primera Liga Spanish Championship (also known as La Liga): Is the highest professional league in the league system of the Spanish Football Federation.
  • Serie A: Italian football expert, judging that the matches are going on in the Serie A soccer tournament, with information about match predictions or odds to help you increase your chances of placing the most accurate bet.

It can be said that in order to be able to organize bets for the above tournaments, the prestige and professionalism of W88 must be very great. So you can rest assured when participating in Football betting online with us.

How to bet on football at W88?

Step 1: First, players need to register W88 account through the steps we instructed.

Step 2: The player will deposit money into account so that he can play bets.

Step 3: This step, players need to football prediction the expert’s predictions to place bets. At this time, choosing a reasonable bet is available at the W88 bookie will help you win the big bet.

Basic Football Betting Types

The types of soccer betting on W88 products that players need to be aware of today.

  • Asian Handicap: originated in Asian bookmakers, but it has spread and is increasingly popular in all European countries. The most obvious difference from the European handicap is that the Asian handicap has only two options, no draw.
  • 3-way: You only need to bet on 1 of the 3 results. A typical example of a 3-way handicap is the European football match (1X2). In it you will select the home team (1) win, the result is a draw (X) or the away team (2) wins.
  • Double Chance: You choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes, to increase your chances of winning. Accompanying the percentage of money will decrease compared to just choosing one result. The Double Chance betting options are as follows: 1 or X: home wins or draws; 1 or 2: home or away winner; X or 2: draw or away win.
  • Over/Under: bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match. Each match, the house will give the forecast number of goals. Let’s say you bet the actual total will be bigger than that number, then you choose Over. You choose the total number of tables that will be less than the number of the dealer, ie you bet Under.
  • Both Team to Score: You bet on either Yes or No whether both teams score.
  • Half Time/Full Time: predict both the results of the first half (Half Time) and the final result (Full Time). Note that Full Time here is only 90 minutes + overtime.
  • Draw No Bet: You just have to choose one of the two winning teams. If you miss the tie, you will not lose money like the 1X2, but the dealer will refund you the bet.
  • Correct Score: You bet exactly on the score of the final match.

Betting tips for Football at W88

  • Learn and analyze information carefully before betting on football. This is a basic soccer betting experience, but not everyone knows and applies it.
  • Do not bet on football on the crowd. Usually, people assume that the majority will be right. However, in betting or betting, this is relatively dangerous, especially with big matches that receive attention from the public and the media.
  • Refer to online football odds from many reputable bookmakers.
  • Be flexible in each stage of the match. With this online soccer betting tip, you can change and adjust as the situation changes. The change at the right time, the right place will help you to reduce the situation of losing.


Hopefully the above beginners guide to football betting, you have more useful knowledge and experience in football betting. Apply the knowledge from this article now and play with W88! We wish you many wins with this betting experience guide.