Ocean King – How to play Ocean King Fish Game at W88

Ocean King Fish Game

Ocean King is a new version of the fish shooting game series, which has just appeared at W88. With an attractive and eye-catching interface, Ocean King fish shooting game promises to give players moments of great experience. Let’s learn how to play Ocean King Fish to win real money on the W88 online gaming now.

What is the Ocean King Fish Game?

Ocean King is a new game appearing on the online betting market at the W88 bookie. When participating in the game, you will enter the vast ocean world, countless species of large and small fish of all kinds.

At the same time, betting participants also experience an interesting fish hunt with simple gameplay and vivid 3D interface.

Moreover, you also have the opportunity to receive many great rewards from the prestigious W88 house, which currently offers many levels such as:

  • Amateur: This is considered the easiest level, very suitable for newcomers. Bet limit from $50 – $500.
  • Junior: Medium level, for gamers who have participated and want to conquer higher levels to improve skills and experience. Bet limits from $5000 – $50 000.
  • Senior: The highest level, suitable for professional players with long experience. Bet limit from $50,000 – $250 000.

From there, gamers at the W88 gaming online can experience anything from easy to difficult, to have a dramatic feeling when playing Ocean King online real money.

Rules of the game Ocean King Fish on W88 Online Bookie

For those of you who have experienced some Shooting Fish games in other versions; it is not too strange the rules of Ocean King.

To participate in the experience, first of all, players need to deposit money into their betting account. Then proceed to choose the Ocean King game and place a bet to start participating in the game.

The main task of beginners when playing Ocean King online for money is to aim and shoot at the main target, which is the swimming fish. Depending on the characteristics as well as the size of each fish species will have different payout rates.

The more players aim to hit more and more targets, the more bonuses will be guaranteed.

Effective strategy to play W88 Ocean King Fish

How to play Ocean King for Real Money
How to play Ocean King for Real Money

Map out a specific playing strategy

The trick to playing Ocean King to help you win big is not to miss any fish. For this game, new players often make the mistake of only paying attention to the big fish and ignoring the small fish. This makes the game more risky, which quickly leads to failure.

So, when you shoot fish, Ocean King needs to use large bullets to shoot. Because when playing, it takes a lot of bullets to shoot big fish, so I often ignore small fish. To shoot small and large fish, you need a specific and clear strategy.

Balance the rate of bullets

This strategy is very simple to play, the player must adjust the bullets to increase each level to be able to hit the fish. With big fish, gamers should use more ammo. If the guest plays, increase the ammo to make it easier to shoot fish.

In addition, in the process of hunting fish, you have to adjust the firing rate to save bullets. Therefore, gamers need to aim accurately as well as time distance, limit indiscriminate discharge of bullets.

Choose the right type of ammo

To destroy fish, sea creatures and win in Ocean King requires that you know the types of ammunition to attack successfully. Currently, all types of fish shooting games use weapons such as:

Cannon: This type of gun is often used while shooting fish to win money with levels from low to high.

Explosive Bomb: When you choose to launch a bomb. Then all the fish in the bomb blast area will be destroyed or seriously injured.

Electric shock: Similar to an explosive bomb, it is the spark that will destroy it, causing all the fish in the affected area to be shocked, reduce blood, and reduce survival.

Radiation: This weapon helps to increase the shooting ability as well as the amount of points, the amount of money you receive.

Shark Trap: If a shark trap appears, you use this trap to drop on the shark’s path, the duration of the shark trap is up to 30 seconds.


Hopefully through this article, it helps players better understand how to play Ocean King online for real money at the reputable W88 house. Use shared strategies to play more effectively.