CSGO betting guide: How to bet on Counter-Strike for real money

CSGO Betting Guide

CSGO betting is currently the most popular online game in the world, the number of CS:GO bettors has also increased over time. So how to bet on Counter-Strike and how to earn money? Let’s read the CS:GO betting guide for real money on the reputable W88 bookie in this article.

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive game – one of the greatest shooting games of all time. Since the computer became popular, this game has been available on almost all PCs, although it has been around for nearly 2 decades, CS: GO still retains the same attraction as the original.

Hundreds of large and small CS:GO tournaments around the world have made CS:GO betting gradually become more popular and popular than ever.

The development potential of Esports sports like CS:GO is very strong. Grasping this trend, the reputable bookmaker W88 has now put CS: GO bets in the betting list.

How to bet on CSGO for real money?

Many of you will ask how to bet on CSGO at the bookie. W88au will share with you an overview of the steps to start playing CSGO betting.

  • Go to our W88 betting site and bet CSGO.
  • Register for an account on the website.
  • Deposit the money you want to play into the account.
  • Choose a few matches that you like best to bet on. Pick out the different bets from the W88 betting site and see what the odds are.
  • At this point you will wait for the match to take place to watch. Once you win, get your winnings back.
How to bet on CSGO
How to bet on CSGO for beginners

These steps are often similar to the traditional forms of sports betting that have been done before. You should go through our CSGO betting tips to make the best participation decision.

Types of bets when betting CS: GO on W88 Online Bookie

Like traditional sports, betting CS:GO is equally as exciting. Here are the bets when betting CS:GO on W88.

Handicap bets

Basically, the Handicap bet when betting CS: GO is like the handicap in football betting. The team that is rated above will accept the team with weaker strength by a certain percentage.

Handicap odds commonly found in Handicap are: 0.5; 0.75; 1.5; 2.5. When betting CS: GO, the handicap is usually an odd number to determine the final winning result. At the end of the match, the handicap will be added to the final result to calculate points and pay prizes.

Over/Under bet

This is the most popular CS: GO bet and is chosen by 90% of players on the W88 online house. With over and under betting, you don’t need to care which team will win. The result of this bet will be based on the rules of the game about the number of rounds of the CS: GO match to bet on Over Under.

According to the rules of the CS: GO game, a match will have all 30 standard rounds, the team that wins 16 rounds first with at least 2 rounds winning will win the game. The total number of rounds in a CS:GO match can be less than 30 rounds or more.

With Over Under, the W88 house will offer a range of bets ranging from 24 – 25 – 26. For example, in the Over/Under match table, it is 25. If you choose Over, you will earn money when the total number of rounds is greater than 26, If the total number of rounds is less than 26, you lose.

Bet on the final result

This is a very simple bet. You just need to choose 1 of 2 teams who will win and place a bet. If the selected team wins the match, you will receive money corresponding to the odds that the W88 house offers. If you lose, you lose your bet.

Besides the basic CSGO bets mentioned above, you can also choose from many other great bets such as:

  • Who will win this round?
  • Who will be the MVP this round?
  • How many kills with Sniper in the match?
  • Which team wins the first Round, which team wins Round 15, etc.

The secret to successful CS:GO bets on W88

Know the rules of the game and the format of the game

The basic rule of CS: GO is that 2 teams CT and T will play against each other. The side that wins 16 rounds first and is at least 2 rounds apart will win.

Along with that, each tournament will have different formats such as BO1, BO3, BO5, BO7. It is very important to carefully analyze these factors before the game.

Follow CS:GO tournaments

If you have determined to bet on CS: GO to make money, then you must regularly follow CS: GO tournaments. There are many big and small CS:GO tournaments taking place around the world.

Check the odds of the bookies

Learn carefully the odds that each bookmaker offers for each match to bet money accordingly.

For example, if you bet on this game, you bet $100 to get $190, in another game, you’ll bet $100 to get $210, the same amount of bets but pay a different reward each game.


Above is the information that the W88 online bookie brings to you about CSGO betting guide in the most detail. Hopefully with this article you can confidently participate in a CSGO game betting on W88 effectively and win big.