Overwatch Betting Guide: Tips, Strategies Needed

Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is a popular video game released on May 3, 2016. With the strong development, now players at the W88club bookmaker can also bet on this attractive game to win real money. Let’s learn Overwatch betting tips and strategies in the following article.

Overwatch Overview

Overwatch eSports is a first-person shooter game that offers room for multiplayer options. This eSports game divides players into two teams, each with six players.

First, players are asked to choose their character from a large group. These characters are considered heroes and have unique abilities. The challenge here is to use the limited time to complete the objectives specified in the map.

How to bet on Overwatch Esports

Betting on Overwatch is easy, even for first-time players. According to experts from W88, you should bet in-play with this game because you can both observe the match and analyze the competition situation to be able to make reasonable betting judgments.

How to bet on Overwatch

Types of Overwatch Betting

Bet on the winner/ moneyline bet

This is a simple bet type, you just need to bet on the overall winner based on your own judgment. Wording may vary on different sites and can be confusing for new gamblers. In some you will see ‘head to head’ while in others the term ‘Moneyline‘ is used, but the term ‘match winner’ is the most common.

Odds in moneyline bets are displayed according to American odds. They are in the form of numbers with a negative or positive sign.

Handicap bets

In handicap betting, you bet on whether the side with the advantage wins or the weaker team wins the match. However, this market is not offered by most bookies as the odds of winning are quite low in this Overwatch game.

A Positive Handicap means a team can start 1.5 or 2.5 maps ahead of time, meaning the team you’re betting on needs a single win or two maps to win.

Tournament winner bet

Tournament winner is a betting situation where you bet on potential winners of tournaments. The market does not focus on single matches but aggregates the results of the entire season.

When betting on Overwatch, always remember that the possibility of losing is possible. For this reason, most of the time before betting, the W88 bookmaker always warns players to bet responsibly.

Over/Under bet

These bets cover the overall number of the entire match. W8 betting site will give a number that you can bet over or under. If you bet on the outcome of more than 3.5 maps, any outcome above this total is in favor.

Tips and strategies for betting on Overwatch

Beginners guide to esports betting like Overwartch should be armed with some basic tips to ensure they have a good chance of winning. These essential tips include:

Overwatch Betting Tips

Know the game

When starting to bet on Overwatch, you should make sure you have some basic knowledge of the game. Better understood, you have more chances to win. If you have never played Overwatch, you should download it to try it out, or regularly watch tournaments.

Learn about the types of bets, reputable bookmakers

Another thing to look for is information about the market as well as reputable bookmakers like W88. Different bookmakers have different markets, as well as different odds. Make sure you know the market well before participating in anything other than just Overwatch betting.

Be part of the game

You can actively participate in the game by watching or playing. This way you’ll learn some basics of the sport which will assist you in betting. You can rate and view in-game favorites and decide which is the best fit when it comes to betting decisions.


In short, Overwatch is a gunfight game that uses a lot of tactics and is extremely suitable for entertainment in your spare time. And of course, this e-sport is also an attractive form of betting for those who are passionate about betting at the reputable online W88 bookie.

W88au wishes you to quickly learn the Overwatch betting guide and know how to bet Overwatch to win at the bookmaker.

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