Rocket League Betting Guide: Tips, Strategies and How to bet

Rocket League Betting

Rocket League is an interesting game when there is a combination of two famous sports, soccer and racing. That is why it is an extremely famous game and attracts many players around the world. Let’s read the following Rocket League betting guide and Rocket League betting strategies shared from W88 experts.

About Rocket League Betting on W88 online bookie

On average, each Rocket League match is played in about 5 minutes. The number of participants in a match is at least 2 people and at most 8 people can be 2, 4, 6, 8 people.

In addition, Rocket League also has a ranking mode that lists the contestants with the greatest achievements so that players can compete with each other for the top 5 highest rankings.

Rocket League Championship Series

Those who love this game in addition to playing games, you can participate in betting on eSport Rocket League games at online bookies like W88.

How to bet on Rocket League

Rocket League money line bet

Moneyline bet in Rocket League is an option that allows you to bet on the winner of the match. In this bet type, it doesn’t matter how many points your chosen racer wins.

The only thing to win is to correctly predict the lap winner. If you bet on a losing player, your bet also loses.

Handicap in Rocket League

Handicap in Rocket League is the next thing to learn after understanding winner betting or Money Line bets.

In this bet type, you are predicting the score of the match. For example, the W88 bookie can give you -2.5 goals for the favorite team or +2.5 goals for the bottom team (the weaker player).

Assuming you have chosen to bet on favorite spread -2.5, to win the bet that player must finish the match at least 3 goals ahead of his opponent because you are -2.5 points from the final result.

If you choose to bet on an under +2.5, then they must lose by no more than two and a half points because to cover the difference after you add a +2.5 goal to their final result.

If your selection has more points after addition or subtraction, even if it is only half a point, then it is considered that you have covered your difference and the bet has won.

Bet Over or Under Rocket League

This bet gives you the opportunity to predict the range of goals the match is about to end. For example, the odds offered by the W88 sports betting can be over 3.5 goals or under 3.5 goals.

How to bet on Rocket League

Assuming that you are betting on Over 3.5 goals, as long as the match ends with at least 4 goals from the players, then you win. For bets on Under to win, the match must be at exactly 3 goals or less.

Rocket League exact score bet

Rocket League exact score bets give you a wide range of goals on which the outcome of the game could end, as long as you get the correct result, then you win your bet.

Parlay bet

When you want to bet on multiple Rocket League outcomes into a single bet, all the odds of your selections are multiplied and then multiplied by your original bet.

For example you are selecting three outcomes with odds of 1.90, your odds are determined by multiplying 1.90 times 1.90 times 1.90 for a total odds of 6,859. Now if you put 10 chips in it and all three results win, you will get 68.59 chips.

Rocket League betting experience and tips

Watch the replays: If you want to see where and how the racer you want to bet on loses and wins, check out his replays. That way you can see what he lost for, and if he’s improving.

Check out the racer’s training and rest schedule: If the racer you want to choose has a reasonable training and rest schedule, you can rest assured when betting. Because he has a clear mind, as well as knows how to spend a reasonable time practicing.

Try all game modes: If your chosen racer can play well in all game modes then this is a reliable choice.


Above is a guide on how to bet Rocket League with betting strategies and tips at the W88 sports betting online. Join now and win the bet.

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