How to play Durak card game online in casinos for beginners

How to play Durak
How to play Durak card game online for beginners

If you are a card game enthusiast, you can see the variety of forms of online card games today. In particular, online Darak is one of the most popular card games. Let’s learn the rules and how to play Durak online on the W88bet bookie through the following article.

What is the game Durak online?

Durak card game is one of the card games derived from the Russian way of playing cards. The phrase “Durak” refers to the person who has the last card left when playing cards.

This game uses a 52-card deck like many other card games. Along with that is the number of players participating from 2 to 4 people.

The way to play this card game is considered to be relatively unique with high thinking. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, players may have some difficulty getting used to and learning the rules of the game.

So please read this betting games sharing carefully to understand the rules of the game and how to play russian game durak effectively.

How to play Durak card game online

How to deal Durak cards

The game uses a deck of cards with 52 cards. In which the strength of the cards are in ascending order 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K < A . So 2 is the smallest card and A is the largest card in the deck.

Dealer or system will deal the cards to the players. Each player in the hand is dealt 8 cards in the deck. Usually the direction of dealing is counter-clockwise.

After dealing, the remaining cards are placed in the center of the table. Next, a card is turned over to select the Master suit (also known as the Chief suit) in the hand. Which suit the card belongs to (Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club), that suit is the Master suit.

How to play Durak card game online

How to determine the first move

After the cards are dealt to the players, along with that, the Master suit of the game is determined. The dealer or system continues to draw one card from the deck when playing Durak online.

Number cards are counted according to the number on the card. Particularly the J piece is counted as 11, Q is 12, K is 13 and A is 1.

Which card is drawn starts counting from the first dealer counter-clockwise with the number on the card. To which player, that player gets to play the first card.

Basic rules of playing Durak online card

The game uses a 52-card deck with 2 to 4 players participating. When there are enough people, the table will start.

After the Dealer has dealt the cards to the players, a card is drawn from the community called the Master suit. This Master suit can be one of four substances including Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club. The largest Master suit card in the deck is the Ace.

The round of cards is counter-clockwise. The first player is the winner of the previous hand or the player selected by the system.

The first person who can play any card is called a Durak card. The next person called the person Durak has to counter that card by playing a card of the same suit and of greater value.

For example: The first player to play 6 Hearts, the next player must play 7 Hearts, 8 Hearts. Or a larger card of the same suit as the 6 Heart. Do not play cards of the same suit or smaller.

In case the person with Durak does not have a larger card to fight against the Durak card of the person who is Durak, they can use a card with a master suit to play. Because the Master suit card is the most valuable card in the Durak online.

When using this Master suit card, even if the card value is lower, higher or equal to the numerical value of the other player’s cards, it can be used.

In the event that a player in a Durak hand plays a Durak card of the master suit, the next player must play a Master suit card of greater value.


Playing cards Durak online is really an interesting card game with a unique way of playing. Although the rules and how to play Durak card game are a bit complicated for newbies to the game. However, W88 hopes that with the above article you can better understand the Durak online card game.

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