High odds or Low odds, which is better? – Explain in detail

High odds or Low odds

When participating in online betting, you will certainly encounter a lot of terms that require you to understand well to be able to confidently bet effectively. Among them, the terms high odds or low odds are the most popular among players. Read the detailed explanation from the W88 expert in the following article.

Basic Odds Ratio Types on W88 Online Betting House

Currently, players betting at the W88 online can choose from a variety of odds such as:

  • European Odds – Decimal Odds
  • Odds Hong Kong – HK Odds
  • Odds Malay – MY Odds
  • Indo Odds
  • US Odds

For these odds we also have a specific explanation, you can read before choosing to participate in betting on those odds.

What are low odds on W88?

Low odds are usually low values, for example 1:2. As for the low odds bets offered by the W88 house, that is, the experts have analyzed and commented quite carefully about this match, and the percentage of players winning if betting on low odds matches is also higher.

High odds or Low odds

Because it is easier for players to win bets, the bookie has to lower the payout ratio to balance the finances and ensure the interests of all other players.

What are high odds on W88?

High odds are usually very attractive bets, such as 1:99. For the low odds offered by the W88 house, players often feel very excited and challenged, because if they bet correctly, the amount they win is huge, with the opportunity to get rich quickly.

However, high odds means that the probability of winning will also be much lower than low odds. If you want to choose matches with high odds, players, in addition to consulting experts, must also have a solid knowledge of the subject they bet on.

High odds vs Low odds

One note you need to keep in mind is that odds and probability are not the same. Not every high probability the odds will be low and vice versa. That W88 house will base on many factors to give high odds or low odds respectively.

Why is there a change in odds on W88 online bookie?

Surely players will wonder why the W88 house can offer different odds, and on what basis. Here is the answer.

There is a change in the lineup

As for the evaluation and commenting of the match, usually 3 days before the match, W88’s analysts will conduct information research.

However, if before the match, there is a change in the lineup (injury, players unable to play, etc.) causing a disadvantage for that team, the W88 experts will immediately must adjust high odds vs low odds accordingly.

The W88 dealer wants to create a balance

Regardless of the outcome of the match, the W88 online still wants to make a profit to maintain operations. Therefore, the odds are also adjusted up or down to create a balance and fairness between the player and the house side.

Pros and Cons of High odds vs Low odds

Advantages and Disadvantages of low odds

Pros: Can make it easier for you to win; More games can be bet; Can play longer and bet more different games.

Cons: It is very difficult for you to get rich quickly because the odds are low, when you win money, you will also win quite a bit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of high odds

Pros: Can help you get rich quickly if you win bets; You only need to invest a small amount of capital, but when you win, that amount will be multiplied many times.

Cons: When you lose, of course you will also lose a lot of money; Less chance for you to choose other bets.

So it can be seen that, depending on each person’s goals and playing style, you can choose a type of betting odds that suits your betting experience as well as your financial ability.

That’s why the betting expert from W88 recommends that you not be too dependent on the crowd; but actively follow sports news to promptly update the necessary and beneficial information.


With a full and detailed sharing of high odds or low odds and how to apply it in betting, you will certainly be more confident when participating in betting on the prestigious W88 betting online.

Start updating sports news, as well as effective betting strategies and join betting today to get rich quickly.