Low odds betting tips and strategies that you need to know

Low odds betting tips
Low odds betting tips and strategies

Using low odds bets will give you less chance of winning, but more often. Football betting is one of the forms that both satisfy your passion and create more opportunities to win great rewards. And one of the things you need to pay attention to to bet effectively is low odds. Refer to the article below from W88 experts for low odds betting tips and strategies.

What are Low Odds mean in Betting?

To be able to bet on low odds effectively, you need to first understand the definition of low odds bets.

Low odds are determined by comparing the payouts offered by the bookie, with the likely outcome of the match. Usually the most probable outcomes are low odds. And vice versa, the outcome is unlikely, the house offers high odds.

So you can know that when betting on low odds, your chances of winning will also be higher, but the amount you win is not large. However, winning many small matches will surely accumulate a large amount of capital.

W88 and others offer low odds with low payouts to ensure balance in payouts, as well as balance with other bets taking place in the match. Therefore, many bettors still choose to bet with low odds to minimize risk.

Which sports and types of bet can apply low odds on W88 online?

Low odds bets are generally applicable to any sport. However, there are sports that are often applied with lower odds such as football or tennis.

And for bet types, handicap bets and under/over bets are the two most suitable bets to apply low odds bets and achieve the best winning results.

In addition, experienced professional bettors on the W88 Online house also recommend players to bet in-play, that is, both watching the live match and placing bets, the odds betting of winning are even higher. .

However, if you are a newcomer to the low-odds betting market, we recommend betting before the match to ensure safety, as well as have all the necessary information.

Progressive low odds betting system

Low odds can also be viewed as a form of progressive bets, where you keep increasing your stake by one unit after a loss until you get a winning bet.

The most famous progressive betting method is the “Martingale betting system“. With this betting system you will double your bet after a loss, and return to the original bet when there is a win.

An example for this betting system is as follows:

  • If you first bet $10 on Team A and lose, you must double your bet to $20 on your next bet on Team B.
  • If round 2 on team B you also lose, your next bet will continue to be doubled to $40 and so on until a goal is reached.

The goal of this progressive betting method is to make sure you can get your losses back with just one win. However, you need to know how to split the bet as well as have a stable capital to both bet low odds and combine effective progressive bets.

Low Odds Betting Strategy From W88 Experts

Low odds betting tips

Effective budget management

When participating in low odds and progressive bets, experts recommend dividing your bet capital into small betting units. And a game should only bet up to 2-5% of your bet capital to be able to ensure you play many progressive rounds.

Low odds bets on sports you know well

You will certainly find a lot of low odds betting tips on the W88 bookmaker, but before placing a bet you need to make sure you understand the sport well from the rules, payout rates, as well as the players and participating teams.

Don’t just bet on your favorite team

Surely everyone has a favorite team and always hopes for that team to win. However, in sports, your favorite team will not always bring victory, but you should rely on the actual situation, as well as the data provided by the bookie before the match to be able to make a decision.


The sharing of low odds betting strategies from the W88 expert certainly helped you understand this type of bet as well as what is the most effective bet when applying progressive bets. Wish you a successful application and big win.