What is the 3/2 Roulette System? How does this system work?

3/2 Roulette System

Continuing the useful Roulette strategy series for bettors of the prestigious W88 house. Today we will introduce you to another betting strategy of professional bettors with nearly a decade of experience playing Roulette online that not everyone knows. That is the 3/2 Roulette system. Find out in the following article.

What is the 3/2 Roulette system?

How to apply to Roulette

Players who want to apply the Roulette 3/2 strategy will choose 1 of the following 2 bets:

  • Place 3 bets on the red box and 2 bets on the number 2
  • Or place 3 bets on the black box, and 2 bets on the number 1

For example: If a bet is 10$ and you choose to place the 1st bet, the specific bet will be:

  • $30 in the red box. Eating ratio 1:1
  • 20$ in the 2nd row. Ratio 1:2
  • Total bet for 1 game is 50$

The advantage of the Roulette 3/2 betting system

High probability of winning each game

  • If 5, 14, 23, 32 are drawn => Win 70$ – probability 11%
  • If the numbers: 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26, 29, 35 => Win 10$ – 21% probability
  • If the other numbers are red, => Win 10% – Probability 41%
  • If other numbers are drawn and it is a black box => Lose $ 50 – Probability 27%

So you can see that the probability of losing is significantly reduced to only 27% while the probability of winning is up to 73%.

Pros of 3/2 Roulette betting system

  • Reduces the risk of losing a natural bet significantly
  • Increase the probability of winning bets high
  • Also increase the maximum win bet to >100%. (Specifically, 140% of the bet capital as in the example above)
  • Suitable for new players who have no experience in choosing betting doors. It is possible to apply the formula mechanically without much thinking and still grasp the victory.

Cons of 3/2 Roulette betting system

  • The probability of winning is high, but the winning amount is not much. So it will take time and require patience to reach the desired level of profit.
  • It is not possible to flexibly change the bets. There are only 2 bet options.

In fact, most players consider this strategy beneficial as it gives them the opportunity to place multiple bets without risking too much. This is still the reason why players consider the 3/2 roulette betting system to be relatively more flexible than other roulette systems.

Experience required to apply a good Roulette 3/2 betting system

Manage the unit of bets properly

As you can see, the Roulette 3/2 betting system allows players to bet flexibly, almost covering all the numbers of the Roulette wheel. Therefore, the win rate will of course be higher. However, players need to divide the bet capital into appropriate units to be able to play as many betting rounds as possible.

Although when you split the bet unit, you won’t win much when you win, but let’s accumulate small to big. Small wins will bring you huge profits later.

Custom combinations of bets

Depending on your budget situation, you can choose the amount of bets for each game accordingly.

  • Even round bets: Bet on the same bet. Usually 5-10% of your total betting capital. This method is suitable for new members and has little capital.
  • Parlays bet: The stake of the second game is double the first game. This method is suitable for bettors who already have a good amount of capital and can bet long-term.
  • Betting on the 1-3-2-4 system: Corresponding to the number of stakes for each 4 games. This method is suitable for mid-range bettors. There is a certain amount of capital to follow the bet. Not too little, not too much.


Above is a guide to the application of the pretty good Roulette 3/2 betting system based on math and has also been applied by many professional bettors. The professional betting group on W88 also has a lot of brothers starting from a very small capital and making a profit from this Roulette 3/2 betting system.

Applying this betting system can increase your chances of winning your bet by more than 70%. Therefore, register for a Roulette account at W88 today and immediately apply 3/2 roulette system to verify its effectiveness.