Handball betting guide – Learn how to bet on Handball now

Handball betting guide

Handball or Olympic handball is one of the sports with great attraction in Western countries. When playing handball betting, it means that you will be betting on the house odds listed in a particular handball match. Let’s read the Handball betting guide below from the W88 bookie.

W88 Handball betting overview

Like many other sports, a typical handball match will consist of 2 halves. However, each round in handball lasts only 30 minutes. At the end of 2 rounds, the team that scores more points will become the winning team.

In addition, in case the two teams tie after 2 rounds, the match will move to 2 extra periods, each 5 minutes. If still tied, both teams will enter the penalty shootout like in football. The location of the penalty shootout will be the 7m line.

Handball matches are extremely attractive, requiring the speed and technique of the players. It is because of the appeal of this sport that more and more bookies include handball in the list of betting games, including at W88.

If a match is abandoned or postponed for any reason, all bets will be void, unless arranged and played on the same day or otherwise provided in the rules.

Handball betting odds and types of bets on W88

Handball betting odds and types of bets
Types of Hanball betting

Bet on Winning Margin

You will predict exactly how much the difference between the two teams in that handball match will be. In this type of bet, the bookie will offer a lot of scores for you to choose from. However, according to the house’s assessment, these options will have a different payout ratio.

Bet on Double Chance

This is an interesting way to bet on handball. Because with this bet form you will be able to predict 2 cases of the match on the same bet ticket. When the match ends and you only need 1 of these 2 results, you will win the bet.

Team Total – Odd / Even

You will correctly predict the number of points scored by each team is even or odd.

Game Total – Odd / Even

You will correctly predict whether the total score of that handball match will be even or odd. Where Odd is the bet for an odd outcome, whereas Even is for an even outcome.

Highest Scoring Half

This is a bet where you will predict which half will have more goals in the match. With 3 basic bet options, 1st half will score more goals, 2nd half more goals and finally the number of goals in the 2 halves will be the same.

Bet on Team Total Goals

This bet is similar to the common Over/Under bet in other sports. Bets on Team Total Goals are determined by the total goals of the named team.

Bets on First Team to Score/Last Team to Score

Players will proceed to predict which team will score first or last in the match. Own goal counts for the scorer. If the first team scores a goal, then the rest of the match is abandoned then bets on the team to score the first goal will stand, and bets on the team to score the last will be considered void.

Top scorer / Top scorer of the team

Goals will be awarded to players playing in regular 60 minutes of play and extra time, excluding penalties.

In-Play Handicap

Bets on the team to win the whole match/half, including handicap. Bets are settled based on the score from the time of placing the bet to the end of the match/half.

Handball betting tips to win for beginners

Understand the rules of the game

Players can easily understand information about this sport to help bettors make more accurate judgments when they know the rules of the game.

Financial management

Don’t rush into betting without a strategy. It all depends on luck. Learn how to invest small to learn before entering the big bet. If you do not understand handball well, you should bet with small bets first. Once you’ve become a master, join in with bigger bets.

Choose a reputable bookie

Reputable bookies like W88 will be a reliable address for players. After many years of construction, now the W88 betting has been regularly bet by millions of people around the world.


Before participating in handball betting, players should regularly watch handball matches for observation experience. The interest in this subject will make players feel more interesting when betting. In addition, it also brings a lot of knowledge handball betting guide to help players easily win when betting on W88.

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