Oscar’s Grind betting system: Explaining its advantages in casino

Oscar's Grind betting system

Oscar’s Grind is a very popular casino betting system in Western countries, mainly applied to Roulette and Baccarat games. This is a strategy to play with the style of accumulating small profits into big profits, helping you minimize the odds of losing bets to the lowest level when betting on W88 Casino. Here is a detailed guide to applying the Oscar’s Grind betting system for you along with its advantages.

What is the Oscar’s Grind betting system?

Oscar’s Grind betting system can be understood briefly as a betting system in which you will evenly distribute between 2 equal outcomes. The goal is to reduce the loss rate to the lowest level, but also make you the lowest win. The Oscar’s Grind betting system is also known as Hoyle’s Pres or Pluscoup.

The Oscar’s Grind betting system was first mentioned in The Casino Gambler’s Guide by author Allan Wilson in 1965. In that book, he created a character named Oscar, and added the word Grind. The implication of this Grind name is that the bet is not too high, not too low, the goal is to win a little every day and gradually accumulate into a large fortune.

This betting system is highly stable, less risky like progressive betting or Martingale betting system. The Oscar’s Grind betting system is suitable for players who are disciplined, have high patience and spend a lot of time playing in the casino as their main job.

How to apply Oscar’s Grind betting strategy when playing on W88

When you apply the Oscar’s Grind betting strategy, you need to keep your bet amount after each losing round. If that game wins, then proceed to increase the bet in the next game.

Example: When a player bets 1 unit on the first game, if you win then increase your bet by 2 units. If you lose, keep your original bet of 1 unit.

Oscar's Grind betting strategy

When people use the long-term Oscar’s Grind betting system, in the first game, you should bet 1 unit, if you lose, the next game you keep the bet 1 unit. In the 2nd game you still lose, in the 3rd game, the player still bets 1 unit. But if in the 3rd game the player wins the bet, then increase the bet by 2 units.

Continue the process of using the Oscar’s Grind betting system until the 4th game where you bet 2 units. If you lose, you still bet 2 units, and if you win, you bet the next game is 3 units. With this bet, when playing for a long time, players will have a very high chance of winning.

The logic of the Oscar’s Grind betting system

Talking about the logic of the Oscar’s Grind betting system, in order to achieve high profits, you need to follow its logic. This is a form of losing bet, keeping the original bet that the player has set. And when you win, double your initial bet and continue to play within 5 consecutive games.

According to players who regularly use this betting system on W88 online casino, for this type of bet, players need to set a certain profit milestone and enough capital in 5 consecutive losing games. After each losing game, players should keep their bets and this type of bet will help you prevent the desire to win and lose everything.

Outstanding advantages of the Oscar’s Grind betting system

Once you have a good understanding of the Oscar’s Grind strategy in betting, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • With Oscar’s Grind betting strategy, everyone can increase their profits according to their desires.
  • Oscar’s Grind strategy will help players reduce the risk of capital loss.
  • Limit a player’s winnings and losses.
  • This strategy helps players avoid the situation of winning too much and overconfidence leading to loss of control.


Above is detailed information about Oscar’s Grind betting system when playing on W88 online bookie. Hopefully the above article will bring many useful things to you and help you play more effectively.

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