Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies: Apply These Tips Now

Horse Racing Betting Strategy
Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports, involving people of all races. Betting on Horse Races on the W88 house has also existed for a long time. Let’s find out the horse racing betting strategies and tips shared by W88 experts in the following article.

Features of horse racing betting on W88 that you need to grasp

Horse racing is a special sport. Indeed, unlike the same sport of football and hockey, not two opposing teams compete at the hippodrome, but a whole herd of horses.

For horse racing, the W88 bookie offers the following odds:

  • EP – odds are placed 1-2 days before the race starts, announced after the participant’s approval. These coefficients change after the horse is brought to the racecourse.
  • AR – preliminary odds for pre-set bets.
  • SP – coefficient set at the start of the race.

Horse racing betting strategy from W88 experts

Betting on horse racing online is not as easy as it may seem at first. Players have come up with many strategies, and more and more new strategies are added every day.

Let’s learn and understand the following strategies and horse racing betting tips compiled by W88 experts that will help you.

Horse Racing Betting Tips
Best Horse Racing Betting Tips


This strategy involves detailed analysis of the statistics of previous races. By having a watchlist, you can build a base of good riders with a high probability of winning.

At the same time, it is important to consider the horse’s form after the competition as lack or excessive rest can deprive a horse of strength for the race leading to a loss.


The relationship between horse and jockey is a very important aspect that affects victory. There are cases where the favorite horse lost precisely because of the wrong approach of the new jockey.

If a jockey works with a horse for a long time, he knows how to approach it and the horse trusts him more. Therefore, their partnership and jockey yielded good results.


Lose bets are placed when a player sees a horse that has performed well in the past and has lost points in the last races. That is, there is a high probability that the horse will win again.

This strategy is good, because the bookies don’t place big bets on the losers, which affects the odds.

Therefore, if you are confident in your horse, having studied its potential, you can safely bet on the previous achievement and the work of the jockey, despite having previously lost.

How to bet on Horse racing effectively?

To determine your winner, you just need to follow the advice of experienced bookmakers on the reputable W88 bookie.

Basing on the statistics

Not only do you watch horse races regularly, but you also have to analyze each match. Record information about race participants, important details and changes you notice.

Analyzing these statistics will change the way you bet and increase your chances of winning.

Pay attention to the style of horse racing participants

Each horse behaves differently during the race. There are horses that are very strong at the beginning and lose strength at the end, or there are racers who are only concerned with competing with each other and do not notice the other competitors.

These factors are difficult to understand, but with experience you will understand the horse’s style, its physical condition, its readiness to race. This factor is one of the most important when choosing a horse or racer to bet on.

Bet not on reputation, but on results

Sometimes players just want to bet on a horse that has a good reputation. But their hopes are not always victorious.

It is better not to pay attention to the big names, but to the statistical results. Much more important is the horse’s fitness, its results in previous races. Chances are a young, unnamed pony will win the race in the future and become the favorite.


For your horse racing bets to work, you need to change your approach. Better bet less money but more often, and approach it with all responsibility – study statistics, past results, to determine favorites.

Hopefully, through the sharing of horse racing betting strategy at the prestigious W88 bookmaker, you have gained more understanding about how to play horse racing betting on the road of professional horse racing betting.

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