How to play Cai Shen Da Hai for real money at online casino

Cai Shen Da Hai

The following Cai Shen Da Hai slot machine review provides all the latest news on the game’s story, winning features and symbolic value on the W88 online bookie. Protected by Cai Shen – God of Wealth, this version is equipped with many winning possibilities that help W88 players make quick money.

Overview of Cai Shen Da Hai

There is a set of free spins and a bonus session in which you can choose a sure win multiplier. There’s also the Recreational Fish Shoot bonus with a chance to get some extra wins, as well as four unique underwater worlds, each with their own winning mechanics. The list includes Laser Power, Swirl, Drill Attack, and Chain Reaction.

Our publication will also provide a detailed roadmap where the best and certified online operators can play this game for free or for real money.

Set in the traditional Chinese style, Cai Shen Da Hai slot also has a nice modern twist. Player return percentages and volatility are yet to be determined, but each spin a lucky winner can count on scoring up to 800 times the total initial bet.

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The outstanding advantages of Cai Shen Da Hai

While a non-traditional grid with bets per spin starting from under 1 credit and over 100 credits, Cai Shen Da Hai slot also manages to diversify the traditional spin action by offering four Unique bonus games.

How to play Cai Shen Da Hai

Remove as many symbols as you can with the help of the Laser Power Winning Mechanic. Scan multiple pictograms at once with the help of Swirl Bonus. Release a massive Drill Attack into the grid, or simply transfer winning commands with the help of the Chain Reaction feature.

The story of the Cai Shen Da Hai takes place in a koi pond, and instead of reels and rows, you’ll catch fish swimming in different directions. Luck can also give his blessing shaped like a bet multiplier in the pick me bonus. This is where you can count on scoring 800x that hot winnings.

Special features in W88 Cai Shen Da Hai

  • The game features free for first time players, coins for demo players
  • The gun shot in the game is not only beautifully designed in terms of form, but the line of bullets is also taken care of in terms of image that create excitement for players.
  • In the game there are many precious fish species and the number increases continuously through each level.
  • Visit every day, you can instantly get bonus coins.
  • Game missions are updated every day.
  • Change coins quickly, no frills.
  • There is an additional feature of making friends in four directions.
  • Experience in both computer and mobile versions smoothly.

Experience playing Cai Shen Da Hai is easy to win on W88

Shoot fish in groups

Look at the screen, if you see fish swimming in groups, that is the next target. On average, each school has 10 fish, so use 2 bullets to shoot directly at this group of fish 3 to 5 times in a row. So you can shoot a lot of small fish and bring back a large amount of coins.

Of course, limit your shots to 3-5 shots. If there are more or the fish have swam too far beyond the edge of the screen, you should not continue to avoid wasting ammo.

Sniper tactics

For new members, sniping is considered the easiest and most effective way to win coins. In this method, the player points directly at the small fish, and at the same time shoots the bullets slowly so that each bullet will hit 1 fish. So you can both shoot down small fish according to the target, and also shoot big fish to get lucky during the sniping process.


With the tutorial and sharing of experiences on how to play Cai Shen Da Hai above, it certainly has helped you to be more confident when choosing to join this game on W88 online bookie to play and win real money.

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