What is a Goliath bet? Explaining how Goliath betting works

What is a Goliath bet

What is Goliah betting that attracts gamblers with reckless blood? We will answer questions about the current form of Goliath betting. Let’s learn how Goliath betting works at W88 online bookmaker.

What is a Goliath Bet? Value of goliath bet

Like all system bets, Goliath bets are made up of multiple selections rolled into one, so the system creates multiple bets and payouts independently of each other. The number of required picks and the number of bets comprising them depend on the respective betting system in question. Among these system bets, as its name indicates, “Goliath” is a truly giant bet.

Goliath bet meaning is an 8 selection bet consisting of 247 bets: 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and eight-fold accumulators.

Goliath is one of the biggest bets out there and is best reserved for truly experienced bettors. Goliath bets can produce large winnings if you have enough bets to fund all the bets. All selections have equal weight when returned, so it does not matter whether they are added to the betting slip.

It is not possible to calculate the winnings for this type of bet by hand, so use the giant betting calculator to save time. Online calculators can also help understand how one or two losing athletes in a single leg will affect the outcome of the Goliath bet.

By choosing 8 betting options from the sportsbook, players can build a Goliath system bet that includes a total of 247 bets. Only accumulations are included in this. So, unlike the Lucky system (Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63), Goliath doesn’t have any single bets. As is known, an accumulator is made up of a combination of several options.

This means that all of the selections in the combination need to be correct for the goliath bet to be successful. In return, the player will receive higher winnings than with a single bet, since the profit is calculated by multiplying all the odds by the stake.

Goliath is a complex betting system requiring high costs

This is also the downside of complex betting systems like Goliath: in addition to high winning chances, they also come with high costs. High odds are often hard to come by, which reduces the chances of a successful bet. To find a good balance between risk and potential winnings, you can combine your favorites with some bets with lower odds. Overall, 4 or more correct guesses are needed to make a profit when betting Goliath. So it takes luck or careful analysis and/or expertise to break even with this type of systematic bet.

When looking at the potential returns – 8 successful selections out of 8 – it’s clear to see why the Goliath bet is so appealing. A simple calculation is all that is needed – this is done automatically by the odds calculator on the bet slip: Let’s assume that every selection has odds of 3.00 and the money If each bet line is only 1 thousand VND, the potential gross profit here will be 65,511 thousand. Minus costs (247 thousand VND), this will yield a net profit of 65,264 thousand VND.

Of course, this is just an example of an ideal case. For those who are still undeterred by the risks of the Goliath bet football, you can even try the Super Goliath bet. With Super Goliath, it has one more option compared to the Goliath bet. There are a total of 9 selections, from which the system can create 502 betting lines. However, in reality, Super Goliath is offered relatively little by W88 bookmaker.


Once all the necessary selections for this system bet have been added, the input field for the Goliath bet will be available under the heading “Multiple Bets”. This is where players can enter the amount of money they want to invest for each bet line.

It’s worth noting that bookmakers will often set a minimum bet amount for each betting line, so Goliath betting can be reasonable even with a smaller betting budget as long as you’re confident enough to guess multiple options correctly added to goliath betting slip.