What is a Multiple bet? Its advantages and disadvantages

What is a Multiple bet

Have you heard of multi-bet but don’t know what it is? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bet compared to other types of bets? To help you understand more about this unique form of betting and be able to make the best choice before betting, let’s start with link W88 bookie with the information below.

What is a Multiple bet?

For multiple bets, you can participate in making multiple bets at the same time, with a minimum of 2 rafters and a maximum of 20 rafters. In essence, multiple bets mean that players who want to bet need to choose from 2 or more markets. This bet is calculated as follows:

  • When there is 1 losing bet, it will not affect the bet and will be counted as 0.
  • Multiple bet selections that cannot take place for reasons such as a canceled match will be counted as 1.
  • You will win the whole ticket when every bet you bet on the ticket wins.

This bet takes the form of two numbers, separated by a slash. For example, 2/4 is a multiple bet type on W88 bookie. In which, the number 2 represents the type of bet (double bet), and the number 4 is the number of related bets you choose.

When you start betting, you press 4 options at the System tab. If the bet is $300 then part of the bet will be $50 because the 2/4 multiple bet consists of 6 different combinations.

Types of Multiple Bets on W88 bookie

Multiple bet with 3 selections

The common feature of this bet type is that you can hit 3 selections on the odds table (Note to choose different events). Such as:

  • Bet 2/3: The bet type has 3 bets involved with 3 selections on different betting events. The number of bets is 3 double bets.
  • Trixie parlay bet: A Trixie bet will have 3 selections with 4 bets involved, including 3 doubles and 1 triple.
  • Patent parlay bet: A Patent bet has 7 bets with 3 selections at different events, including 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 triple.

Multiple bet with 4 selections

  • Bet 2/4: For every 2/4 bet, there will be 6 related bets with 4 selections, including 6 doubles.
  • Bet 3/4: This type of bet has 4 related bets and is hit with 4 selections at different events, including 4 triples.
  • Lucky bet 15: A type of bet with 15 bets involving 4 options, including 4 singles, 6 doubles and 4 triples and only 1 quad.
  • Yankee bets: A Yankee bet has 11 bets involved, including 6 doubles, a quad and 4 triples.

Multiple bets

Multiple bet with 5 selections

  • 2/5: Includes 10 double bets.
  • 3/5: Includes 10 triples.
  • 4/5: consists of 5 quads.
  • Super Yankee: Includes 26 bets with 10 doubles, 1 five and 5 quads.
  • Lucky 31: Includes 31 bets with 5 single bets, 10 double bets, 10 triples and 5 quads and one 5.

In addition, we have multiple bets up to 6 or 7 selections and even 8 selections. The number of bets involved can be up to 247 bets (8 selections – Goliath bets) even more.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting with multiple bets


  • There is a chance to win a huge amount, many times more than a single bet.
  • In case there is a result where a match is canceled, that match will not count towards the bet. Even if you lose one game or a few, you can still make a profit.
  • This type of bet is safer than regular pool bets.


Along with the advantages are a few insignificant disadvantages such as:

  • You need to bet with a larger amount.
  • You should have a certain understanding of all types of bets to play well with multiple bets on W88.


Multiple betting can be a bit of a risky bet as it requires you to be confident in your professional betting knowledge and experience. Therefore, as long as you have enough resources and work hard to learn, betting multiple bets will be a great choice when betting on W88 online bookie.

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