Monopoly Utility Trails Slot: Review, RTP & Gameplay

Monopoly Utility Trails Slot

We all know the board game Monopoly, but can you master the slot game Monopoly: Utility Trails? SG Gaming created this 8×7 grid slot to give you cluster payouts and the possibility of big wins. Learn more about how to play Monopoly Utility Trails Slot with symbols and payouts on W88.

Overview of Monopoly Utility Trails Slot and how to play at W88

W88 has a gift for you for the upcoming Christmas – it’s the Monopoly: Utility Trails slot game created by SG Gaming. This board game themed slot game features 8 reels of cascading symbols and adjustable water and electricity meters on either side of the grid. A catchy tune accompanies the reels of the free slot online which is set in the middle of a big city.

Collect houses and hotels with the Electricity Company, take advantage of the Water Works feature and enjoy cascading reels for bigger payouts in Monopoly: Utility Trails Slot at W88. If you are lucky enough to win the Crazy Trail Jackpot, you will be truly rich.

How to play Monopoly Utility Trails Slot
How to play Monopoly Utility Trails Slot at W88

The grid on this slot game looks very different from slots you may have played before because it is 8×7 in size. However, instead of stretching across the screen, it is small and cramped to the middle of the screen once surprising way.

Minimum bet makes it accessible to those who want to bet low, with just 0.2 coins to get started. This can increase up to 50.00 for those who want the challenge of chasing bigger wins.

Symbols and payout rates in Monopoly Utility Trails Slot at W88

The high paying symbols are represented by board game tokens: car, dog, hat and ship/train.

A set of gems serves as the lower paying symbols – yellow, green, pink, red and blue. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order.

There are two types of wild symbols in the Monopoly Utility Trails slot, illustrated with a train station and carriages.

You will need a cluster of at least five symbols to win. To form a cluster, symbols must be adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically. The more symbols in a cluster, the greater the prize. After each winning turn, matching symbols will disappear and new ones will appear on the board. This cycle will repeat until no more clusters can form.

As an additional help, there are also wilds to make cluster formation easier. Wilds are not a substitute for Water Faucets or Electric Company Light Bulbs. If a wild symbol is used in a cluster, it will disappear when the tiles cascade. If it is not used, it will remain on the grid for the next tier, like other symbols.

Bonus Features Monopoly Utility Trails Slot at W88

Wild Track Feature

There are Golden Wilds available, and when two of them appear in the same row or column, they will connect to trigger the Wild Track. This creates Carriage Wilds symbols that line up between two Golden Wilds symbols and replace all other symbols in the row or column. If there are four Golden Wilds forming a square, the Carriage Wilds will cover the entire square and not just the border. If any Carriage Wilds are not used and remain for a new floor, they will turn into Golden Wilds.

During any spin, you can see a 3×3 Community Chest card appear. When this happens, the chest will open to award cash prizes from x5-1000. The icon will then immediately disappear from the grid.

Water Works Tap Feature

This slot game features the Water Works Tap icon. When it appears, the related measure increases. Once you collect 15 of them, the meter will be filled and you will trigger the bonus round. This bonus causes the symbols to spin until you land a winning cluster. These clusters are locked and remaining symbols are deleted. At random, taps can be triggered and activate one of two modifiers to upgrade the symbols.

There are also Electric Light Company symbols in the game, which are collected in a similar way to water taps. There is a separate meter for the light bulbs. Fifteen lights trigger a bonus round in which symbols are replaced by property cards, colored tiles and Opportunity cards to award hotels or houses. Like the real-life Monopoly game, this bonus round is all about collecting properties and adding houses or hotels whenever possible.

Off the Rails Jackpot

Finally, the Off the Rails jackpot will be awarded if you get Golden Wild symbols in all four corners.


Monopoly Utility Trails have been created by WMS, one of the studios under SG Digital. The RTP is impressive at 96.61%, which is higher than average. And the Utility Trails slot really stays true to the Monopoly board game elements – offering a completely different approach than what you might have seen in previous Monopoly themed slots on W88.

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