Contra D’Alembert Betting System Explained In Detail

Contra D'Alembert Betting System

The Contra D’Alembert betting system was founded by the French mathematician, called Jean le Rond d’Alembert. In this tips betting article W88 will evaluate how the system works as well as the overall efficiency of the system. There are also tricks that can be used to increase the effectiveness of the Contra D’Alembert betting system.

What is the Contra D’Alembert betting system?

The Contra D’Alembert betting system works best when applied to bets that result close to 50/50. It is a pyramid pattern that balances the stakes. In this bet, you will increase your bet by 1 unit when you win and decrease your bet when you lose.

Types of bets that can apply this betting system can be mentioned as Over / Under; or Even/ Odd; or bet in roulette is Red/Black.

The Contra D’Alembert betting system has similar characteristics to the Martingale betting strategy (and Anti-Martingale), in which the W88 player makes the next bet based on the result of the previous bet.

The simplicity of the system makes it easily applicable to both online gaming environments as well as traditional based casinos.

Instructions on how to bet based on the Contra D’Alembert betting system

The information we are about to reveal below is the experience shared by the betting players on W88 gambling. So, please read carefully.

Step 1: Decide the bet for the first betting round

Everything has a rough start, when participating in betting, you also have to make a bet for the first bet. If you do not have much experience, you just take the lowest bet set by the house.

Or you can rely on the available capital (less than 5% of the total capital) to determine the bet amount.

Let’s say, the amount of capital you spend to gamble is $ 100. You can set aside $ 20 to play betting, the rest will be a backup source of money.

Then the first bet you can extract 1% of the $ 20 capital, equivalent to $ 1 for a bet.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate betting door

If you want to be safe, just bet on the O/U or handicap bet. These two types of bets have a relatively low risk ratio. Meanwhile, the remaining bets will often not be effective when applying the Contra D’Alembert betting system.

Besides, you should also actively analyze the odds for each match you want to bet on. That way, you can easily choose safe bets.

Step 3: Apply betting strategy according to Contra D’Alembert betting system

If you are not familiar with the Contra D’Alembert betting system, remember the following rule: If you win your first bet, your new bet will increase by one unit. In case the bet has just lost, come back to the first bet level (1 unit), or decrease by one unit.

For example: The first bet you bet $ 1 and that bet wins the bet. You will continue to place the second game with the amount of $ 2. If game 2 wins, then game 3 you will bet with an amount of 3$.

Keep this bet until you lose one game, or have made some profit during the betting process. At that time, go back to the first bet with the base amount of 1 unit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Contra D’Alembert betting system

It is possible that players will feel safe when participating in the Contra D’Alembert betting method.You should keep in mind that there are some pros and cons while applying this betting system.

About advantages

The number of betting rounds will be more, but on the contrary, the player can regain the lost capital and win even more money.

The Contra D’Alembert betting system will bring you so much profit.

About the disadvantages

If the bets that you choose to bet on lose continuously, then you will very easily lose your capital. But when it returns to the first unit, you can choose to stop. Don’t take risk.

The capital to follow the Contra D’Alembert betting system is very high, suitable for all high capital betting participants.


In short, the information on how to bet according to the Contra D’Alembert betting system has been compiled quite well by our W88 casino expert. Hopefully, this knowledge will bring you tons of useful information.

In addition, those of you who are planning to apply the Contra D’Alembert betting system, remember to consider carefully before making a betting decision.

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