Greyhound racing betting guide: How to Bet on Greyhound & Win

Greyhound racing betting guide
Greyhound racing betting guide and Win for beginners

Betting on greyhound racing is an attractive sport betting at some reputable bookmakers like W88. With a simple way to play, easy to win, betting on greyhound racing is gradually attracting a large number of players today. If you are looking to learn more about greyhound sports betting, follow the following W88 expert betting guide.

What is a Greyhound racing betting?

Similar to betting on horse racing, greyhound racing is a sport that uses racing hounds to compete for rankings. Now in many countries they have become a fairly developed industry.

Not all dogs can participate in races and win prizes. The selected hounds are usually racing dogs, hunting dogs with endurance and speed. They will be specially trained and cared for to be able to participate in dramatic races.

Two types of greyhound racing bets

In the history of greyhound racing betting, here are two types of greyhound racing bets that you often encounter when betting on this competitive entertaining game.

Greyhound Races

When it comes to these types of bets, most of the greyhound racing events on the W88 online betting website are Greyhound breeds.

They will be trained by professional dog trainers and the dogs will compete in races from 500 to 700 meters.

Sled Dog Races

This is the second type of bet that you will come across, but currently not many bookmakers offer this type of bet.

With the trainers sitting on the sled and the dogs running towards the finish line at a distance of 1000 miles, whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

Greyhound racing rules on W88 online betting house

Usually greyhound racing have from 6 to 8 racing dogs. First of all, the dogs will be numbered publicly before the race for players to rely on to choose bets.

Like horse racing, the dogs are also rated D, C, B, A, AA, AAA. According to the rules, every 3 consecutive wins will increase 1 rank; If you lose 3 matches in a row, you will be relegated to 1 place.

3 minutes before the start of the match, the player must finish placing money on the bet tickets.

After determining the top dogs, the W88 house will base on their bet form to know the winning and losing rate and the reward rate.

How to bet on Greyhound racing?

Please refer to the following information to know how to bet on greyhound racing and win at W88 bookmaker. The following are the types of greyhound racing betting tickets that players can bet on.

How to bet on Greyhound Racing
How to bet on Greyhound Racing for beginners

Single bet ticket – WIN

This is a bet on 1 hound. Players need to bet exactly which hunting dog will finish first based on analysis and making a betting decision.

If there are 6 dogs participating in the race, they will be numbered from 1 to 6 and we only need to choose according to this order number to predict.

Example: A player bets on the number 3 dog to finish first. Result:

  • If the 1st hound finishes first => Lose, lose your bet
  • If the number 3 hound is first => Win, receive a reward according to the payout ratio

Double bet ticket

A double bet is a form of predicting 2 dogs that will finish first or second. In the double bet code will have the following forms:

Straight forecast bet

Bet on 2 dogs to finish first and second in order. If we choose this bet, we need to choose at least 2 dogs. If the result is correct according to the prediction, you will receive a reward.

Example: Bet on straight forecast that dog number 1 is first, dog number 3 is second.

  • If the result is correct, you will receive a bonus.
  • If only 1 prediction position is changed, the bet will be lost.

See more details: Double bet explained

Quinella bet ticket

Bet on the first 2 dogs out of order. With this form, you need to choose at least 2 dogs to bet. Another point is that as long as they both finish first and second, they will all win, regardless of the order.

For example: Choose Quinella tickets for dogs, number 3 is first, number 4 is second. The result of No. 4 in first place, No. 3 in second is still counted as a win.

Tricast bets and first four bets

There are also tricast bets divided into straight tricast and combination tricast. And the first four bet ticket also includes two types: straight first four and combination first four.

The format is the same as when placing a double bet, only the odds of winning are lower, and the payouts are higher.


Hopefully, the above Greyhound racing betting guide have helped you gain an understanding of this sport; as well as how to participate in betting at the prestigious W88 bookie.