Cycling Betting Guide: How to Bet on Cycling & Strategy

Cycling Betting Guide

Cycling betting guide is often mentioned because it is a form of betting that is being interested by many betting players. Find out specifically about the rules and how to bet on cycling most effective in the article from experts below.

Famous Cycling tournaments can be bet on W88

Currently, the International Cycling Union (UCI) is the body that specializes in managing and operating tournaments in the sport of cycling.

Along with that is supervising the competition events of this subject. In addition, UCI also classifies the races and ranks the points for the athletes.

There are many different races organized by UCI every year from 2-player bike racing games to team racing with hundreds of athletes participating.

Major cycling tournaments include:

  • Tour de France (France)
  • Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale (France)
  • Vuelta a España (Spain)
  • Giro d’Italia (Italy)
  • Tirreno – Adriatico (Italy)
  • Milan – San Remo (Italy)
  • Gent-Wevelgem (Belgium)
  • Tour Down Under (Australia)
  • Amstel Gold Race (Netherlands)
  • Tour of California (USA)

In which, the Tour de France bicycle racing held in France is considered the largest and most prestigious tournament in the cycling area.

Popular Cycling bets at W88

Cycling bets though are similar to other types of betting at the W88 bookie and is being provided a link by the W88au site. However, because of the nature of the sport, there are bets that are slightly different.

So to win you need to know the easiest cycling betting tips and have to know about these types of bets.

Final bets

The easiest bet in cycling is the final bet. This is also the simplest, basic bet that many people love when playing cycling bets at W88. All you need to do is rely on analysis to bet on the cyclists’ rankings when the match ends.

In the event a cyclist fails to participate, bets on that rider will be void. So, to be able to play this bet smoothly, you need to have a better understanding of cyclists.

Once you have learned about the cyclists, you will be able to more accurately predict the final ranking.

Opposing bets

This is a type of bet that is only available at cycling bets at the W88 house. With sports betting type, you only need to bet on the final ranking of 2 cyclists competing against each other. In the event that a pair does not participate, that bet will also be void.

Each lap bets

Each fake cycling consists of many different stages/laps. Betting participants can bet on the cyclist they trust to finish first in that lap.

When playing at the W88 Sports, in case the bet is canceled, the bet will be refunded to the player. So you do not need to be too worried when participating in cycling bets at the reputable W88 bookie.

See more bet types:

Cycling Betting Rules on W88 Live Betting house

Before everyone participates in online cycling betting, players need to know a few rules and and cycling betting strategies as follows:

How to bet on Cycling
How to bet on Cycling Successfully
  • Many cyclists have to cross the starting lines to be considered contested and bets placed on this cyclist will be considered valid.
  • The result of awarding the medal will be considered an official result. The fact that the cyclists have not been awarded a medal or a result has been republished afterwards will not count.
  • If during an online cycling session is postponed or suspended and the competition is resumed within 12 hours thereafter, bets will still stand.
  • If that cycling race is delayed for more than 12 hours, all bets placed will be void.

Cycling betting experience from W88 experts

Know the information

Do not bet haphazardly. Not every cyclist on the team has the overriding goal of winning the individual category. There will be excellent cyclists tasked with finishing first. There will also be cyclists competing for tactical purposes, stopping the opposing team’s main cyclist, etc.

Follow the schedule

Be sure to know the schedule of cycling races so that you do not have to miss the attractive bets. In addition, it is also advisable to constantly update the rankings to understand the tournament situation. It will be a significant factor affecting the spirit and motivation of athletes.

Learn about cyclists

Since bets are on cyclists, you should definitely research them well first. Before placing a bet, you should know the information about who will participate in this race.

If you know about their winning and competitive history, the better. That information will help you to be able to predict more accurately about this race.


Hopefully, the detailed cycling betting guide from the W88 bookie has helped you gain more information and be more confident when betting on the cycling tournaments offered on the reputable W88 online bookie are available at website

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