Glossary of Roulette Terms That Players Often Use

Roulette Terms
Glossary of Roulette Terms

Roulette is a popular game at many traditional and online casinos around the world. Roulette has simple rules, just mastering the rules of the game and understanding common glossary of Roulette terms, players have a great advantage in the journey to win on W88. Let’s read the article below to know more.

Terms used in Roulette on W88 Casino

When participating in playing Roulette, players only need to know what the terms in Roulette are to be able to play effectively. Therefore, the following will be a summary of terms that you should remember to be able to play Roulette better. As follows:

Basic Roulette Terms and Phrases

Table and Win: This is the amount that a player can win when he wins at Roulette games, now the house will proceed to notify the player of “Table and Win” every time the table is changed.

Maximum profit: This is the number of bets of W88 players when participating in Roulette.
Minimum bet: Players need to bet at least a certain amount of bets that the bookie offers when starting a Roulette game on ww88 casino.

Loss Prevention: Is the bet limit that the system allows the player to bet.

Time: The number of minutes the game allows a player to play a particular board before a request to switch to another board is required.

Odds of Winning: When there are 37 boxes in the Roulette wheel, the player’s odds of winning are 1/37. If one more box is increased, this ratio has decreased to only 1/38.

Odds of risk: In Roulette, no matter which hand you bet on, if the ball lands on the 0.00 box, the default is to lose.

Common W88 Roulette Terms

Action Player: This term is used to refer to players who bet long term and bet big money.

American Roulette: In American online Roulette will be bets 0 and 00.

Backtrack or Ball track: Refers to the track of the ball.

Black Bet: A black bet option.

Biased Numbers and Wheels: Will be random numbers on the betting table.

Bottom Track: The ball is positioned between the ball track and the number track.

Corner Bet: The chip is placed at the highest 2 of the amount 4.

Column Bet: A bet on 12 numbers in a horizontal row.

Croupier: Is the dealer.

Dozen Bet: Player bets on 12 numbers 1 time.

En Prison Rule: This also means that the player will continue to play again.

Five Number Bet: In American Roulette, bets are 00 and 0, 1, 2, 3.

French Roulette: Roulette is played French style.

House Edge: Used to refer to Online Casino revenues.

Outside Bet: Option to bet in the middle of the table.

Odd Bet: Choose to bet with odd numbers.

Partage Rule: Manipulate the player’s bet back.

Quarter bet: A bet on the corner.

Roulette Chips: Chips in Roulette.

Six Number Bet: The opposite of a line bet.

Split Bet: Choose to bet on 2 letters.

Street Bet: Choose to bet 3 letters.

Roulette terminology of bet types

In addition to understanding the terminology on the Roulette table, players should also understand the terminology for the types of bets in Roulette as follows:

Roulette Terminology

Single bet: A bet on the number.

Double bet: Place the chip on the line between the 2 numbers you want to bet.

Column bet: This is a 3-line bet.

Bet on 3 numbers: Place the Chip on the junction of 3 numbers.

on 4 numbers: Place the Chip on the intersection of 4 numbers.

4-digit bet: Place the chip on the right side of the 4-digit junction.

First 2 columns bet: Bet on top of 2 lines over 6 numbers bet.

Row bet: Bet on 12 numbers on the same row.

Red/Black Bet: Bet on whether the winning number will be red or black.

Odd/Even Bet: Bet on whether the draw number will be odd or even.

Low/High (18 numbers): Place chips in boxes 1 – 18 for Low or 19 – 36 for High.

Conclusion on Roulette Terms

All the Roulette terms listed and explained by W88 experts above are all you need to start participating in Roulette betting. Understanding the Roulette terminology is one thing, but to become a professional Roulette player on W88 you need to equip yourself with strategies. Read more articles on Roulette strategies and tips on W88 online.