First Team to Score Betting: Strategy and Tips to Bet

First Team to Score Betting
First Team to Score Betting Strategy

First team to score betting is an attractive bet that many players love to participate in. This is a very simple and easy bet to play nowadays. You can predict this bet through the first team to score strategy shared by experts in this betting tips article.

Overall of First Team to Score Betting on W88

First team to score is betting on which team will score the first goal of the match. This is a special type of bet that only appears at reputable bookmakers and has a team of experts like at W88.

Bets on the first team to score often appear in big football matches and are easy to win because the odds are 50 – 50. First team to score bets have odds based on European Odds:

Payout = Bet Amount x Odds First Team to Score

Notes when betting on First Team to Score

If the first goal of the match is an own goal, the first team to score will be counted as the team that opened the scoring.

If the match is stopped and the first goal is scored, the first team to score betting will still count.

If the match is stopped while playing and the two teams have not scored, the bet on the first team to score will be void.

Only recognized goals are counted: even if the ball is in the net, if the goal is disallowed due to a foul, offside, etc., the goal will not be recognized.

If the match that has not been played has been stopped, the bet will be canceled → the W88 house will return the bet to the player.

First Team to Score Betting Strategy from W88’s experts

First Team to Score Betting Tips
First Team to Score Betting Tips

Analysis of the playing style of the two teams

If the two teams are judged to be equivalent in terms of competitive ability, bets should be placed on the team with an attacking style of play.

Take the French Ligue 1 league, for example. Paris Saint Germain club with a very strong striker, according to the statistics of 12 matches in Ligue 1 before the break.

Both teams play defensively, i.e. the same style of play: In terms of which player is able to score with faster speed and mutation, bet on the team with the player capable of making breakthroughs.

The two teams have the same attacking style: in terms of line-ups, how many strong strikers are in the squad, or how many players are able to focus on attack or defence. In particular, pay attention to the level of the goalkeeper, it is safest to bet on the team with the better rated goalkeeper.

Check and choose bets carefully

Choose the team to score the first goal you can look at from the bookie table, some tips from the following players you can refer to:

  • Based on European bets: if the European odds of the two teams are the same, the deviation is less than 0.05 → if you want to win big, you can choose to bet more on no goals in the match.
  • Based on the Asian handicap: if the top team handicaps under 0.25 → choose the bottom team with the first goal and make sure the top team has the last goal. Handicap 1 or more, choose the top team with the “first team to score” and the bottom team with the “last team to score” bets.
  • You can also compare the odds tables of many bookmakers to choose the most suitable betting door.

Actively master the game

No matter which bet you play, you need to master the game, so for the team to score, you need to have a plan from the bet capital, betting strategy, number of bets and a stop.

Although betting is for fun, if you play professionally, you can earn huge bonuses, but you should not go all-in to betting.

Pay attention to the main striker

The main player is usually the one who is likely to score the first goal, or assist the teammate to score the first goal.

  • Big teams like Barcelona have Messi as their main player when in the previous 2019/2020 season he had 19 goals. Besides, Lionel Messi also has 12 assists to create a goal for his teammates.
  • At Juventus, it’s definitely Ronaldo and at Bayern Munich it’s Robert Lewandowski with 39 goals, 5 assists after 33 games.


Thus, the experts of W88 have shared with you their experiences as well as specific strategies when choosing the first team to score betting. Follow those shares to increase your chances of winning to the highest when betting on W88 Online.

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