Basic to Advanced Best Poker Strategy Tips for Beginners

Poker Strategy Tips
Best Poker Strategy Tips for Beginners

Quick Poker strategy tips will be the choices of the player’s actions in poker. When participating in betting on any game, if you are equipped with strategies, your chances of winning will be higher; which means you will get more money. It’s hard to find a full article sharing basic and advanced Poker strategy tips, but today W88 club experts will help you.

Basic Poker strategy beginners on W88

Small pair 22-TT playing strategy

Small pair is an average starting hand and for new players it will be very confusing if you do not know how to handle it. However, when you can handle it, it will become a very strong hand. Most other players won’t notice your set because your hand is small, and he’ll keep calling and raising if he’s holding a Top Pair, or two pairs.

So when you have a Small Pair 22-TT, what should you do?

If you do not have a favorable position (OOP: out of position) and are the first to take action then Raise 3BB to see the Flop, do not call Big Blinds because your opponent will know you have a low hand.

Once you have a strong set, continue to bet 1/3 – 2/3 pot.

However, you should consider whether the amount of chips you own allows you to take the risk to participate. If your remaining chips are low then you should Fold, but if it’s big enough for us to follow then call.

If you are in CO, BU, SB, BB you have the advantage of being the last to take action. If the opponent is before Fold, you Raise, if only Call, you call. When in a favorable position, you do not have to worry about being guessed by your opponent.

Especially if you are in the BU you can completely Reraise to your advantage when you want Bluff to be in the Flop.

Robbing Pot Poker Strategies

Pot robbery is a form of capital optimization to increase your power when you participate in the Poker Tournament. However, stealing the pot requires you to have a good mentality and tight play. You cannot steal the pot if you do not analyze the situation and understand the reaction of your opponent in the pre-flop round.

Poker Tips
Quick Poker Tips for Beginner

Strategies to steal the pot with ALL IN in the Pre-flop

As mentioned above, the tactic to steal the pot in the Pre-flop round is the way to scare your opponent to Fold. As long as it’s your turn, go All-in, don’t hesitate.

Steal the pot with RE-RAISE

Reraise is a way of raising more when the opponent has raised. It can be 3bet or 4bet, the better. This will help you increase the amount of bets in the pot.

Instead of calling immediately, players choose to raise bets from MP or LP positions. They will all-in in reverse to force the opponent to Fold. If you force the first raiser to fold, usually the rest of the players will fold as well. It is a psychological chain reaction of judgment.

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Advanced Poker strategy beginners on W88

Squeeze Skill

Squeeze is when you find the person in the open Poker position (the first bettor) playing a bit loose and the next few people call, when it comes to you, make an All-in to force the other player to fold the card. This is a good quick Poker tips used by players in their hand.

You must read the situation before using this move, otherwise it will be very risky as this strategy is determined by the situation, not cards. Therefore, you must be a regular Poker player and know how to judge and grasp the psychology of the players at the table.

Semi bluff tactic

Semi bluff is when you make a bluff, but your hand still has the potential to develop into a strong hand in the future.

Thus, Semi-Bluff only occurs in the pre-flop, flop or turn rounds, in other words, there is still a chance to open more community cards on the table to improve the hands of all players in the game.

Semi Bluff is applied and fully exploited by professional Poker players to overwhelm the opponent’s psychology with actions such as betting, raising or checking-raise at any Poker table.


Thus, the above article from W88 experts has provided you with both basic and advanced Poker strategy to help you win more money. However, not only that, but also many other strategies you can learn on how to play Poker more effectively.