Roulette odds and probability calculator in casino

Roulette odds
Roulette odds and Roulette probability

Roulette odds are the key to holding your 50% chance of winning. As we all know, nowadays, betting news related to Roulette game is of great interest to many people. In particular, the odds and the way to calculate the probability of the Roulette game is one of the extremely necessary things. Let’s refer to the sharing article from W88 experts to have experience in calculating Roulette probability and Roulette odds.

Does Roulette game probability really matter on W88?

Many people often think that when we want to play Roulette at online bookies, we just need to know the rules of the game. It is not so important to learn about the probability of the game of Roulette.

However, how to play Roulette and know how to win, we need to learn many factors. In particular, the way to calculate the probability of the game Roulette is the factor that receives the most attention.

Because in Roulette there are many ways to bet. And each different way of placing has a different exact probability. Therefore, when you know this probability, you will know which bet you should place to easily win. Which type can help you have a high eating rate. So how specifically, let’s continue to find out.

Types of bets and their probabilities when playing W88 Roulette

Currently, the casinos of the W88 bookie offer players many different types of Roulette bets. And each termite of this type has different characteristics, winning probability and eating rate.

Before going to learn about how Roulette game probabilities are calculated, let’s find out what their odds are through the following Roulette terms:

Roulette odds and probability calculator
Roulette odds and probability calculator
  • Single bet: With this bet, you will predict any number from 0 to 36. If you win, you will be awarded 1:35
  • Double bet: Use a chip to place the bet on the wheel of the 2 numbers you want to choose. Roulette Odds are 1:17.
  • Triple bet or row bet, bet 3: With the triple bet, we will bet in a row at the position of 3 numbers that you think is likely to win. Odds are 1:11.
  • Four or block bet: You place the chip right at the intersection of the 4 numbers you choose. Odds are 1:8.
  • Bet on 2 rows of 6 numbers: Place the chip in 2 adjacent rows at the intersection of their bottom edge. Odds are 1:5.
  • Betting on a column of 12 numbers: This is similar, you just need to chip in the column with the numbers you want. Odds are 1:2.
  • Dozen (12 numbers): When betting dozens, you need to use more chips and place correctly on the numbers you guessed to win.
  • Red-black bets, even-odd bets and half-table bets: 3 bets and this type all have the odds of 1:1.

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Roulette odds calculator for high bets

In this section, we learn how to calculate the winning probability of high payout bets. The formula for calculating the probability of winning with high Roulette bets is very simple:

Probability of winning = Number of cells you choose to bet on : Total number of tiles on the table x 100

According to the above formula for calculating the odds of winning Roulette, we can deduce the winning probability of the bets:

  • Single bet: 1 : 37 x 100 = 2.7%
  • Doubles: 5.4%
  • Triple bet: 8.1%
  • Bet Four: 10.8%
  • Bet on 2 rows: 16.2%
  • Column bets and dozen bets: 32.4%

Through the above calculation results, we see that the Roulette probability to win when betting these types is very low. The highest probability level is 32.4% and the eating ratio is 1:2.

Therefore, the possibility of making such a bet is not high. And this is also the reason why these bets are not chosen by many players.

Roulette odds calculator for low bets

The common point of these options is that the total number of cells per door always takes up 1/2 of the number of cells on the Roulette table, which means that the roulette has only 2 directions: falling into the cells you choose or falling into the remaining cells.

Thus, the Roulette odds calculator: 18 : 36 x 100 = 50%. Therefore, when playing Roulette, this choice will make it easy for you to win.


Above is all the useful information about Roulette odds and probability calculator that the reputable W88 bookie would like to introduce to you. If you want to start with Roulette then never ignore the odds and winning probability of bet types.