What is Paroli betting system? Using Paroli strategy successfully

Paroli betting system
What is Paroli betting system?

One of the most famous and used bets to make a profit is the Paroli betting system. With many years of experience in playing online casino games and successfully applying this type of bet, today W88au.net will provide a very detailed knowledge of this Paroli betting system for our players to be clear. Stay tuned to the next section to learn more about this unique bet type.

History of Paroli betting system

There are many players who call the Paroli bet a type of margarita bet, because when playing this type of bet you have to bet twice when you win instead of losing like margarita. However, the origin of this type of bet is not from the margarita betting system, and this type of bet is also much safer.

According to the most popular and most accurate theory, Paroli system is of French origin. Specifically, the founder of Roulette, Mr. Blaise Pascal, is also the person who created the Paroli bet.

How does the Paroli betting system work?

The application of this betting system is extremely simple, when placing a bet, you do not need to calculate or record. The betting rules are as follows:

Paroli betting system work
How does the Paroli betting system work
  • You choose for yourself a certain amount of bet for the first game, after each win, you will double your bet.
  • After 3 consecutive wins or 1 loss, we will return to the original bet.

According to experienced players in this betting game, when choosing a Paroli bet, you should choose a bet level of about 5% of the amount you are willing to lose.

Another betting tips of professional bettors when choosing Paroli bets is that you should only bet on bets like Over, Under, Even, Odd, Red, Black. Because for these bets we have an almost 50% chance of winning compared to the house, less risky, although the payout ratio is not much.

The Logic Behind Paroli Betting System

The type of bet Paroli creates is based on the theory of small winning streaks. This bet type tries to maximize the profit potential of these small winning streaks by doubling the initial bet 3 times in a row. After 3 consecutive bets following the winning streak, you can make a profit of 7 times the original bet value.

The return of the original bet after each loss of the Paroli bet style helps you not to lose more money than the total amount that is awarded after your winning streak.

The fact that this Paroli bet only lasts for 3 consecutive games is to reduce the risk for you. Reducing the bet, letting the bet return to the original game after 3 wins can reduce your chances of winning big if the winning streak is longer.

However, the benefit behind that is to protect your total profit in case the fourth spin is lost. In case if our winning streak only lasts 3 rounds, then if you lose, you will still get 6 times the original bet amount.

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Betting System


  • This is an extremely simple bet that does not require us to be too knowledgeable about betting, nor do we have to memorize the results of each bet.
  • Minimize risks but still ensure profits for players.
  • Maximize profit potential for small winning streaks.


  • Only works best under ideal circumstances where the table has small winning streaks.
  • If you encounter long losing streaks, this type of bet is completely bankrupt.
  • The profit brought is not really too big, not suitable for those who want to play quickly.

Notes when betting Paroli

When using any type of progressive bet in general and Paroli in particular, it is recommended that you choose an initial bet that is less than 5% of the set loss limit.
Stop using this Paroli betting strategy if you feel you are on a long losing streak.
Because the winning and losing streaks are long and short, so follow the formula of 3 consecutive games, do not stop at 2 games, do not extend the bet up to 4-5 games.


So we have detailed and clearly explained what is the Paroli betting system. You should know that this is a widely applied bet type when playing Roulette online. Hopefully today’s article has added useful knowledge for you in the process of conquering Roulette Online ahead. Wishing you all the best of luck and success.

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