MMA Betting Guide – How to bet on MMA and Win

MMA Betting Guide
MMA Betting Guide Explained

MMA betting guide at the bookie, when this is a very popular sport. In today’s entertainment betting market, there is no denying that MMA betting is a martial arts sport that has a huge growth rate. How to bet and win when betting on MMA will be shared by W88 mobile in the following article.

What is MMA bets?

MMA betting is known as betting on the odds in MMA tournaments – short for Mixed Martial Arts, provided by the reputable W88 bookie today. An MMA match, from the house side will often offer the odds for the following common outcomes in turn:

  • Winner in a match.
  • How to win: win by knockout, technical knockout, opponent surrenders or is eliminated; or based on the award of the award by the referee’s score; or the match ends in a draw.
  • Over and under number in a match.
  • Does this match go through all the innings?
  • In what specific rounds must the opponents win?

A typical MMA match will consist of 3 rounds, which must be met with conditions such as each round not exceeding 5 minutes and having a 1-minute break between rounds.

The major known official MMA tournaments are largely organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Therefore, one can also use UFC betting, and UFC / MMA to talk about this MMA betting.

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Learn UFC betting types before betting on W88 MMA

The types of bets available to bet on each match in UFC/MMA may not be as numerous as in NFL or NBA sports, but there are still plenty of options that provide betting value. Let’s find out with W88au how to bet on MMA in the following bet types:

How to bet on MMA
How to bet on MMA for beginners

Bet on a boxer’s ability to win

This is often referred to as the W88 Win bet because this bet in MMA involves you picking one fighter to win against the other fighter.

Between the two boxers there will be differences in skills/talents and different styles. So the fighters who get the big favorites will have higher odds as they are less likely to lose.


If lightweight boxer Conor McGregor were to fight “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone, the odds of winning the fight would look like this:

  • McGregor -310
  • Cerrone +240

If you bet $100 on McGregor that will bring you $132.26. On the other hand, if you bet the same amount on Cerrone and he wins, you will get $340.

MMA bets by match results

When choosing MMA bets through match results, you have selected the correct winning method of the fighter. The most popular choices for this betting option are “knockout”, “submission” and “decision”.

Odds will vary depending on variables like individual fighting style, recent match history, weight class, and match-specific details like arm span length or reach.


To better understand this betting method, you can take the example of the middleweight match between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero.

Adesanya odds

Winning method:

  • Knockout: +150
  • Submission: +250
  • Decision: +110

Romero odds

Winning method:

  • Knockout: +180
  • Submission: +300
  • Decision: +250

When you bet 100$ on Adesanya, if he wins will bring you 250$. But if you think Romero will win against Adesanya and you bet $100 on this bet and Romero wins, you will get 400$.

Over and under betting (total of innings)

Each round will have a maximum of 5 minutes, the reputable W88 house will take into account the time ranging from 0:00 to 2 minutes 30 to determine the middle of each round.

Past this time is the second half of each round. The time of half a half is to determine the over and under to 0.5 innings.

For example, in a match that takes place in 2 rounds and 2 minutes, then ends, then the under 2.5 rounds will win.

Conversely, in a match that takes place in 2 rounds and over 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the 3rd round, the bet over 2.5 rounds will win the bet.

MMA tournament betting experience

Understanding the odds

This is the most basic step. Understanding the odds is the key to success as a true bettor.

There are three main types of odds commonly used by bookies around the world, it depends on the dealer’s location but you can choose the type of odds you like.

The three common types of odds are: American Odd; European Odds / Decimal Odds; UK Odds (Frequency Odds).

Understanding boxers

At the prestigious W88 bookie, we have a UFC General Martial Arts section with in-depth UFC/MMA analysis for your reference.

Spending time watching video clips online is also a way for you to better understand the fighters who are competing.


MMA betting can be very profitable for recreational bettors on the W88 house. Hopefully the MMA betting guide from the W88 bookie has helped you have an additional choice when participating in betting.

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