Virtual Basketball Betting Guide: Betting Strategies and Tips

Virtual Basketball Betting Guide
Virtual Basketball Betting Guide Explained

Virtual Basketball betting is currently the hottest game in the betting world of the W88 bookmaker, only attractive after the king sport is football betting. Learn how to play Virtual basketball betting on W88 and betting strategies in the article below.

What is a Virtual Basketball bet on W88?

Virtual Basketball betting is a type of sports betting based on virtual reality (V.A) developed by the W88 house in recent years with many outstanding features.

With extremely strong competitive and antagonistic matches, the game has brought an explosive and attractive atmosphere to the audience. Also because of the great demand of fans, virtual basketball betting was born to attract the attention of a large number of fans.

To participate in betting, players will follow matches built on virtual reality technology based on real-life matches. Each match here is decided by the performance of both teams and takes place faster than the actual matches.

Full W88 virtual basketball betting rules

General rules

Similar to reality, a basketball match will have the participation of 2 teams facing each other. Players will be able to follow a total of 4 consecutive rounds, and are combined into 2 main rounds.

In each round, viewers will enjoy 2 rounds, the time for each round is from 10-12 minutes.

In the event that both teams have a tie after the end of the game time, both teams will continue to enter extra time with a total time of 5 minutes.

Betting rules

Based on virtual basketball betting guide, players are allowed to bet on the regular minutes, overtime minutes and the time of extra time.

During the duration of 2 rounds (total of 4 innings), the winning and losing result of the 1st half is equal to the sum of the 1st and 2nd innings. The 2nd half’s win or loss is equal to the total score of the 3rd and 4th innings.

Playing virtual basketball betting does not accept a tie, only a winning or losing door.
If the match you have bet on is announced to be postponed and does not take place, all bets will be void and the player will be refunded the amount wagered.

If the match lasts more than 43 minutes for the NBA and more than 35 minutes for other basketball tournaments and is suddenly stopped, the decision will belong to the organizers.
Virtual basketball bets and handicap bets will be settled at the end of the match.

During a virtual basketball game there may be extra time outside of regular time and injury time is calculated by the referee.

The types of bets in Virtual basketball bets

How to bet on Virtual Basketball
How to bet on Virtual Basketball

MoneyLine Wager

Money Lines, also known as Full-Time or Outcome-based markets, are bets based on the score won at the end of the match between two teams.

The final market includes 2 markets – home team wins or away team wins, takes place after 4 games, with possible extra bets.

To play full-time or money-line bets, players must place their bets before the official start of the game. After the match ends, the system will calculate based on the result of the match to know if you win or lose.

Bet on Over Under

The result of this bet is calculated based on the total points scored by the 2 teams in the match, including Over Under betting.

Players will rely on this number to make a prediction to choose a lower door (Under), a higher door (Over) or a tie between the number of points that the 2 teams score against the score offered by the W88 house.

Handicap bets

Handicap is a type of bet that gives the odds of the strong team handicapping the weak team, and the handicap can be added to the score at the end of the match.

The W88 bookie will rely on the performance and quality of each team member to offer handicap odds.

Virtual Basketball betting tips and strategies from W88 experts

Need to be calm for live bets in the game

Live bets are bets on a number of markets that the W88 house opens in parallel with the time that the match is taking place. Calmly studying the bet is one thing, you should not be too disappointed every time the bet loses.

Virtual basketball betting also needs to pay attention to time

You can only place bets up to 30 seconds before the game starts, so take some time to research the bets before the game starts.


Hopefully, the guide on how to bet on Virtual Basketball shared from experts from the prestigious W88 bookie has helped you feel more confident when participating in betting on this game at the W88 Sports.

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