Boxing Betting Guide – How to bet on Boxing Match at Australia

Boxing Betting Guide
How to bet on Boxing Match at Australia

Boxing is one of the fiercest fighting sports, but it attracts the attention of a large number of viewers. This is a sport that favors individual and physical combat with the participation of boxers. Besides, Boxing betting is also a betting game that is bet a lot at W88 Online. So let’s learn how to bet on boxing.

What is Boxing betting?

Boxing betting is one of the popular forms of sports betting at the W88 house. Along with other types of betting such as football betting, badminton betting, tennis or online billiards betting, boxing betting guide attracts a lot of players betting and interested in tournaments.

For this sport, you bet on a number of bets on matches held around the world. The odds for each bet may vary from match to match.

You can choose to bet on these bets in professional or amateur boxing matches. If you win, the bonus is added to your betting account.

Basic Boxing Betting Rules

  • If a match is suspended for 14 days, your bets will still stand.
  • Bets will be settled at the start of the first half. However, in the event that 1 of 2 or 2 fighters break the rules, your bets will be void.
  • Winning knock-out is regulated in 2 cases: technical knock-out or 1 of 2 boxers is deprived of the right to compete.

Basic types of boxing bets

Types of Boxing betting
Types of Boxing betting

Money Line bets

It is the most basic bet in boxing betting. Accordingly, with this bet type you will predict the boxer to win that boxing match. This bet is similar to European bets in football.

Boxing betting Over/Under

Over and under in boxing is a type of W88 betting in which you will bet on rounds. Specifically as mentioned above, a boxing match will have 12 rounds. Then the house will give a certain amount of over and under, you will bet the match will have more or less than the number of rounds that the dealer offers.

Draw bets

A tie bet is actually a type of bet that rarely appears in a boxing match. However, this type of betting is still applied by the house. With this bet type you will predict whether the boxing match will result in a draw or not. The odds of winning this type of bet will be 50/50, but in reality the winning rate of this bet type will be quite low, in return it will help players receive a high reward rate when winning the bet.

The secret to boxing bets always wins

Understand boxing rules before betting

The rules of boxing are relatively complicated, even for amateur or professional tournaments. Therefore, you need to learn the basic rules of the game before betting. By understanding the rules of the game, you will know how to determine the winning boxer and choose to bet on the boxer with the highest chance of winning.

Choose the best bets

Currently, the bookmaker of us offers many different bets for players when boxing betting. From Asian and European bets, Over / Under bets to knock out (K.O) bets, Money Line bets or many other types of bets.

You must learn specifically about these types of bets with the odds, from which to choose the bets that have a great chance of winning and bring the best bonuses when playing boxing betting.

Bet on prestigious boxing tournaments

The current system of boxing tournaments is quite diverse. From amateur level tournaments to professional level tournaments. Along with that are 12 different weight classes. The experience when boxing betting is that you should only bet on prestigious tournaments with weight classes or boxers that you are interested in.

Keep yourself updated with boxing news

If you want to play well, you can’t ignore news and information related to regional and international boxing tournaments and boxers. Thereby, you can know the performance of the boxers, their playing history along with their performance in recent tournaments. That is an important basis when you choose boxers that have the ability to win in the match you participate in betting.


The above article has guided you how to play Boxing betting in the most specific way. Along with that is information about betting odds for boxing matches in the world. And tips for effective boxing bets. Hopefully it has provided you with more useful information before starting the Boxing betting game at the prestigious W88 house. Good luck.