Money Monkey Slot: Review and How to play for free

Money Monkey Slot
Money Monkey Slot Review

The Money Monkey slot game is currently available and attracts a lot of attention from betting players on the W88. Read the following instructions on how to play and try out the Money Monkey Slot online demo version.

Introducing W88 Monkey Money slot game

Money Monkey with classic graphics has a lot to explore, including a jackpot of up to 25,000 coins. With a game design consisting of a set of 5 reels, 9 paylines and also paying out based on the combinations that the player spins, Money Monkey is highly appreciated by many W88 players.

The functions and rules of Money Monkey are also very simple, so it doesn’t matter whether you have experience playing slots or not, because you can get used to it and play right away in just 5 minutes.

What’s more, you can choose between a variety of bets, starting from a minimum bet of 0.01 credits and up to a maximum of 45 credits per spin.

Once you’re done setting your stake, simply tap the spin control button to start playing. The prizes are always displayed in coins and they can be seen by tapping the “view payout” button in the top right corner of your screen.

W88 Money Monkey slot game features

During your journey through the sandy beaches of monkey land in Money Monkey Slot, you’ll be ready to win several prizes just by collecting matching symbols on the active paylines.

To trigger a payline you will need to collect a sequence of two, three or more of the same symbols on any payline you have activated, starting with the first reel to the left and continuing outward to the right.

  • Your most precious symbols are the monkey and gold coins that ante up to fifteen ,000 and 25,000 coins respectively per sequence.
  • Another symbol that you want to collect is the coconut bonus symbol. The coconut is analogous to a daily Scatter symbol.
  • Every time a coconut appears on your screen, it will fall into the monkey’s arms for safekeeping. You can then keep playing until you collect a complete of three coconuts with the monkey to realize access to the most bonus round.
  • The coconuts are tied to your coin size, so if you change it, you will lose progress until you switch back to your original bet.
  • When you activate the bonus round, you will be immediately taken to a sandy beach with four palm trees. The object of the game is to pick one of the eight coconuts on the tree in turn for an instant cash prize.
  • You can pick the coconut right away until you find the rotten fruit, in which case the bonus game is over.

The attractions of Money Monkey Slot on W88 online betting house

How to play Money Monkey Slot
How to play Money Monkey Slot at W88 bookmaker for beginners

Money Monkey Slot has a high RTP rate

The Return to Player (RTP) from Money Monkey slot machines is 96.33%. This is an extremely high and extremely attractive rate compared to other regular slot games.

Because of this, W88’s Money Monkey Slot game is attracting more and more players to play. Because when they play big, the chances of winning are also great, and they also get a lot of money back. Money Monkey has the same form of play as the way to play Slot games before.

Free trial version

For those who are familiar with the Money Monkey Slot game for the first time, it is possible to play free spins to experience and understand how the game works. From there, you can be more confident and make the right decisions when playing with real money.

Free Spins

In addition to special combinations with different payouts, Money Monkey also has free spins. If the player is lucky enough to spin these free spins, the chances of getting an extra bonus will be very high.

Wide range of supported devices

Currently, to be able to experience the best Money Monkey Slot game on the W88 slot, players can use a laptop or computer to access it from the web interface, or use an iPad to participate in the game.

There is currently no version supported for mobile devices.


With a tutorial on how to play as well as reviews of the advantages of the Money Monkey slot game on W88, it certainly helps you feel more secure, and understand more about how to play Money Monkey slot game to win. In addition, players should also learn more other games such as Lion Dance Slot or Lucky Bomber Slot at the W88 online bookmaker.

Join us today to experience the lively Money Monkey slot game space.