Ice Hockey Betting Guide – How to bet on Ice Hockey from expert

Ice Hockey Betting Guide
How to bet on Ice Hockey from expert

More and more sports are being put into betting at the prestigious W88 bookie, and Ice Hockey betting is one of them. This is a very popular game in western countries, and is becoming more and more popular. Let’s see how to bet on this sport on W88.

What is Ice Hockey Betting on W88?

The current Ice Hockey betting odds are betting on the odds provided by reputable bookmakers like W88.

Bet on 1 Ice Hockey match with 2 teams, each team consists of 6 people (5 players, one goalkeeper). A hockey game will have to be played in 3 rounds (called 3 Period), 20 minutes each. The team with the highest score wins the match.

If two teams tie, extra time must be played (5 minutes). And can be determined by Shootout (a form similar to a penalty in football).

Common Ice Hockey betting odds on W88

During the Ice Hockey betting process, players can choose one of the types of bets currently available on W88 including:

Pre-match Ice-hockey betting odds

There are currently a lot of pre-match odds for players to choose from. For those who are passionate about and regularly follow the game of hockey, it is understandable to bet with confidence before the game to win more money.

Game 3 Lines

This bet is a bet on the whole match including Line bets (3-way handicap, one of which is a tie), Total bets (over and under the total score of the whole match, one of which is a tie), and Money line bets (win and lose the whole match, one of which is a tie).

Note when Betting Game Lines must include extra time and Shootout (if any).

Alternative Puck Line 2-way

This is a type of handicap like football betting, which is also chosen by many players to bet. For example, if A has a handicap of 2.5 goals, then Team A must win at least 3 goals or more for the player’s bet to win.

Team To Score First

That is, bettors rely on their own previous analysis and judgment to bet on which team will score first. If the bet is correct, the player wins a sum of money.

Team To Score Last

Players will bet on which team will be the last to score a goal. However, if there is no team to score the first goal in the whole match, it also means that no team has scored the last goal. Thus the result will be a draw.

Correct Score

The experts of the W88 bookie will give many cases about the possible score of the match. Players need to consider the amount carefully before choosing a score and placing a bet. If the result is exactly as you have bet, then the profit you bring to you is also very large.

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Game Total – Odd/Even

In this bet the player bets on whether the total outcome of the match will be even or odd. This type of bet covers both regular time and extra time (if any).

Highest Scoring Period

As mentioned above, Ice Hockey has 3 periods. Therefore, players will bet on which half will have the highest score. It can be period 1, or period 2, or period 3. And one more bet is to bet on 2 periods with equal high and high scores.

Time of 1st Score

In this type of bet, the W88 house will give a specific time in each period for players to bet on whether a goal will be scored before that time period or not. For example, the dealer gives a 7 minute mark, if a goal is scored before the 7th minute, the player wins the bet.

In-play betting

In addition to the traditional bet tickets as above, in the Ice Hockey game on the W88 house, there are also in-game bets, also known as running bets. The bet type is similar to the above bet types, but players do not bet in advance but bet while the match is in progress.

Of course, with this type of bet, the payout ratio is also lower.

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Conclusion on Ice Hockey Betting Guide

In fact, how to bet on Ice Hockey is not complicated. You can fully experience it for yourself by registering an account on W88 and trying to place small bets.

You can also learn from previous players on the forums and fan pages of the house. Have fun and big wins!