How to play Live Football Studio (Evolution) at online bookie

Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio developed by Evolution, is currently available on the W88 online bookie and is a game that attracts the most participants. If you also want to participate in this attractive online game, then read the following review to understand the details and join the game right away.

Overview of Live Football Studio

This game is set up to allow players to change the language depending on their country, so Live Football Studio on W88 casino games is now a game with worldwide appeal.

The game publisher offers players the flexibility of being able to access it on mobile devices including Windows, iOS and Android devices. And is recommended to play on widescreen devices for the best game experience.

More than just animals, the game offers players of W88 online bookie an interactive studio setting with crisp graphics and amazingly designed animations, making every gameplay moment memorable and enjoyable.

Especially in terms of sound effects, if a player wins a bet in Live Football Studio, the studio’s lights start flashing in the background where the player’s winning streak is displayed, along with 3D music. Players can also share their predictions on a board designated on the right.

How to play Football Studio game

The cards from lowest to highest value are as follows, 2-10, J, Q, K and A. For each round, two face-up cards are dealt to the table: one for the House and one for the Away.

All bets must be placed within the allotted time frame, before the round begins. Possible betting options are House, Away and Draw (tie).

How to play Football Studio

If the result of the round is a tie but the player does not bet on a Draw, then 50% of the bet will be returned to the player.

Players must choose their stake before starting each round by choosing Home, Away, Draw or any combination of the three. The live dealer will then place two cards on the table, face up, and the highest value Home or Away team will be declared the winner.

In the event of a tie, 50% of the stake will be returned to each player. Players placing a Tie bet will enjoy a payout ratio of 11:1.

Features in Live Football Studio

To better understand Live Football Studio, players first need to know the special features are:

  • Main – bets placed on the Home or Away team.
  • Draw – bets placed on a tie between Home and Away.
  • Live Dealer Chat – a function through which players can chat with the dealer live and with each other.

Main bets pay even money based on the highest value of the two cards drawn. A draw occurs on any hand in which the Away and House cards have the same value, regardless of whether they are the same or different suit. In the event of a tie, players are returned half of what they spent on their main bet. Players who have placed a Tie bet will be entitled to a payout ratio of 11:1.

The live chat feature is a great opportunity for W88 players to ask the dealers any questions about the game. For new players who are still learning about this game, this is considered the most valuable feature.

In addition to these features, there are two additional options for betting in the Live Football Studio game, with an undo option and a repeat option. The undo option is used when a player wants to erase all bets they have made. The repeat option allows players to stick with the same bets without changing their value.


Above is all the information you need to know about Live Football Studio from Evolution publisher on W88 online bookie. With all of the above information how to play Football Studio, you can definitely participate in betting on this game from today. Good luck.

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