Progressive Jackpot Explained: Definition and How it Works

Progressive Jackpots

What is Progressive Jackpot? Overview of how progressive Jackpot is is a topic that receives a lot of attention from players who love casino games on WW88club online bookie. If you are wondering about progressive jackpot then read the article explaining how progressive jackpot works in W88 games.

Progressive Jackpots Explained

Progressive Jackpot is understood as the jackpot in the game of bets including extremely large prizes compared to the amount of money that the player spends to bet. Progressive Jackpot is calculated from the sum of the games that every time the game loses, the money of the losers will be added to make up the total value of the Jackpot.

Casino Progressive Jackpots

This amount will be gradually accumulated from the losers and will go to the lucky winner only. In general, with this progressive jackpot form, the winner will receive all the money that the previous players have lost.

So every time you spin the jackpot, your stake will be added to the Progressive jackpot prize. Because this prize is quite popular, thousands of players bet every day, so the rewards are huge.

How progressive jackpot works on W88 online bookie

While the games involved in the progressive jackpot vary and have different methods for players to win the jackpot prize, most of these games have three common ways to collect the jackpot prizes.

Jackpot Spins

One of the fun methods to win one of the payouts from the progressive jackpot is through the jackpot wheel mode.

A jackpot wheel consists of many cells containing different payout ratios. You just need to place a bet, activate the wheel spin and wait for the spin result to coincide with which box, you will receive a bonus according to that box’s ratio.

How progressive jackpot works

Almost every game with a progressive jackpot uses this jackpot wheel, and the jackpot prize only lands in a single slot during the wheel spin. It is up to each casino to adjust the prize of the jackpot wheel spins. However, most of the prizes are very high and worth trying your luck once.

Collect icons/symbols

Another method to win one of the progressive jackpots is to spin the slot machines to show the same symbols on the same horizontal row. This way of playing is usually displayed by the house with fruits, animals or typical symbols of a certain country.

Behind these objects is a symbol for one of the prizes from low to high, and also a progressive jackpot.

Matching symbol

Matching symbols or matching symbols on slots is the most traditional way of playing progressive jackpot.

On the screen of the slots and games machines will appear icons containing the jackpots with the corresponding value arranged in them. You need a strategy to fill all the boxes on the screen to get the most matching symbols.

Progressive Jackpots experiences explained share by W88 experts

For Jackpot games held at casinos or online game portals, the rules of these games are almost no different, it usually exists in 2 forms of play.

In the Jackpot game, there will be 3 or 5 columns containing different shapes and arranged coin values and bet levels for players to choose.

When the coin bet is complete, if you are ready to play, you press the spin button and the rest will be run by the system and proceed to return the results or pay the winning bet to the player. If there are 3 identical pictures on the screen on the same row from the left to the right, then you win.


Hopefully, the information that W88 we share has helped you understand what Progressive Jackpot is and how it works. Hopefully the article will bring useful information for you to be able to confidently play games with progressive jackpots.

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