Hippodrome Live Roulette: How to play and Strategy

Hippodrome Live Roulette

Since 1900, Hippodrome Casino has been in service and is one of London’s most exciting gambling venues. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, players of W88 bookie can now play Hippodrome Live Roulette online. Gameplay and strategies to play Hippodrome Live Roulette will be shared shortly for you to grasp.

Overview and gameplay of Hippodrome Live Roulette

As the regular roulette rules are available on the W88 betting site, the player’s goal is to guess where the metal roulette ball will land on the 37-box roulette wheel.

To be able to play, players first need to log into their W88 betting account, then go to the game and select the chip size they want to bet from the betting menu. The player then clicks on the screen to confirm and place a bet.

After the player completes the above process, the W88 Casino dealer will spin the Roulette wheel. Whichever number the ball lands on is the winning box.

When participating in playing Hippodrome Live Roulette on W88, you will be allowed to bet on many different outcomes including box number, color (red/black) or even/odd outcome. This helps players on W88 increase their chances of winning, but must allocate reasonable bet capital.

How to play Hippodrome Live Roulette
How to play Hippodrome Live Roulette for beginners

For French or neighborhood bets, you are free to use the racecourse. By clicking the plus and minus buttons you can increase or decrease the number of neighbor bets in play.

Hippodrome live roulette tables are mechanically identical to non-single roulette games.

The maximum prize that a player can get when participating in playing Hippodrome Roulette is 35 to 1 when betting on a number. In order to have this maximum chance of winning, the player needs to place the largest possible bet size in the room.

Hippodrome Live Roulette is said to bring 97.30% RTP to players betting on reputable W88 online bookie. This is a new thing from the developer as not many current roulette games offer that good RTP.

Best Hippodrome Live Roulette Betting Strategy

There are many different Roulette strategies, but with Hippodrome Live Roulette, players can approach the game through 2 popular strategies as follows:

Low Risk Strategy: Betting even money

This is considered the safest option for those who are new to the game or have little capital. Hippodrome Live Roulette players only play even money bets like red/black or odds/even. Both these types of bets have almost 50% chance of winning so players can win and make regular profits.

Because of the low risk ratio, the returns from the Hippodrome Live Roulette strategy are not high. And if you have bad luck with a series of consecutive losses, you will not have enough capital to continue the game.

High Risk Strategy: Single Number Bets (Spread bets)

The second Hippodrome Live Roulette strategy focuses on betting on many unique numbers to cover a large percentage of the numbers on the roulette.

The numbers pay straight out at 35:1, making them the most valuable bets. By placing multiple bets on such a wide range of numbers, W88 bookie players will have a chance to win with the highest pay. One point to note, higher return means higher risk.

To be able to bet on many numbers, players also need to have a large enough capital to be able to maintain this strategy over many rounds until they win big.

Note that the Hippodrome Live Roulette playing strategies, although sounding attractive, are for reference only, should not be relied on because they are not guaranteed to win completely.


Hippodrome Live Roulette generally does not have too much difference in terms of gameplay and strategies that can be applied effectively. Players on W88 bookie can join the experience today to feel the thrilling atmosphere like when betting directly at Hippodrome, London.

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