Double Flame Slot: Review and How to play

Double Flame Slot

Double Flame is a slot game product developed by Spade Gaming and selected by many reputable bookies to be favorites. Currently, Double Flame slot is also available on W88 online bookie for players to participate. A review of this slot game and its symbols and payouts is below.

Overview of Double Flame Slot

Spade Gaming is one of the professional game developers who always aim for the absolute customer experience. Double Flame slot is classically themed by Spade Gaming with an animated background of two flames, one red and one blue.

If a medium variance slot is what you’re looking for, then Double Flame is a great choice. Players of W88 when participating in this casino slot games will often win but you have to be patient to win big. The slot game is designed in the form of 6 standard reels with 25 paylines to reward players. The stated RTP when playing Double Flame is 96.5%, a pretty good level for players on W88 Slots.

Double Flame’s command buttons are located on the side of the screen, which is very convenient for players in the process of placing bets and playing games. In addition, during the game, there is also a background sound that is played so that Bongdanet players or W88 players can relax, this feature can be turned on / off at will.

Double Flame’s graphics are also excellently rendered, very easy to see so that players can follow and understand the rules of the game quickly. Double Flame is friendly with all website interfaces, so players do not need to download or install any supporting software.

Gameplay, symbols and payouts of Double Flame

Whenever a player participates in Double Flame, different characters will appear making the game exciting and fun to play.

Diamonds and a lucky 7 are standard paying symbols in the Double Flame slot and the payout will depend on how many are landed on the payline. Landing 5 of these symbols W88 players will receive a maximum payout of up to 500 coins, landing 3 of these symbols will receive a minimum payout of up to 5 coins.

How to play Double Flame Slot

The low paying symbols include the bar, bell, and cherry. Payouts also vary based on the number of symbols landed. Landing 5 of these symbols will receive a maximum payout of up to 50 coins, landing 3 of these symbols will receive a minimum payout of up to 2 coins.

And to receive the bonus, the first thing you need to do is make sure to place a bet using the command buttons. The minimum bet to participate in the Double Flame slot spin is 0.5 coins and when you are more confident you can participate with a maximum bet of 500 coins per spin.

Bonus Features of Double Flame Slot

Wild symbols

The wild symbol in Double Flame will bring a high payout bonus of up to 500 coins for landing 5 wilds on a payline. And the low payout is up to 50 coins landing 3 wilds on a payline.

In addition, on reels 2, 3 and 4 there is a bonus symbol. When a Double Flame player lands 3 bonus symbols, the bonus wheel spin feature is triggered.

Bonus rounds

In the base game, 1 spin of the wheel is triggered. This feature awards cash prizes, free games, or the ultimate double flame bonus.

In the free game mode, 3 free game symbols will appear on the reels and award 5 free spins. You will also see a fireball feature that will award a payout multiplied by the total bet. This feature will award huge and exponential prizes.

The last feature in the slot is the fast hit feature. Landing 3 or more fast-hit symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger this feature. The more fast hit symbols appear during the active spin, the bigger the bonus bonus.


Double Flame Slot with a friendly and simple design is very suitable for those who are new to playing slots, or those who have experience in playing and want to win great prizes from this attractive slot game on W88 bet uk online bookie.

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