Keno Casino Online – How to bet Keno online for beginners

Keno Casino Online
How to play Keno online casino Australia

Keno Casino Online is becoming popular in all online casinos. In this article, we will explain to you how to play Keno, the rules of Keno casino game to make real money at the W88 bookie.

Overall of Keno

Keno, also known as the lottery originated in China. In Keno there will be 80 marbles with a number from 1-80 respectively. The dealer will randomly select 20 marbles and the player will predict the numbers chosen by the dealer. If the match matches, the player wins.

In a set of numbers from 1 to 80, players will choose from 1-10 random numbers. The dealer then draws 20 numbers from that set 1 – 80. Comparing results to determine victory or defeat.

The odds at W88 are high, the interface is easy to see and appeals to those who love the lottery. Keno’s rules are simple and can be understood by everyone. However, you also need to cultivate different experiences and strategies to win W88.

Keno Rules

Keno is one of the easiest to play real money online games. As a Keno rules of thumb, you need to know that keno cards with up to 80 numbers will be listed by the dealer from 1 to 80 and cannot select all of them. Keno is a basic online lottery game, so just pick your own number, then wait for the Random Number Generator (RNG) to pull out the number and get paid for the number you guessed correctly. According to the rules of online Keno game, you can only choose up to 15 to 20 numbers for yourself, normally at least 2 selections.

How to bet Keno Casino online on W88

Players should practice playing Keno on W88 regularly in order to play this game best. Follow the steps below if you are a beginner:

How to bet Keno
How to bet Keno online
  • Step 1: Register W88 for an account. To take part in Keno betting you will definitely need an official account. So you immediately access the main link provided by the dealer, provide information and create yourself an account right away.
  • Step 2: Sign in to your account. After you have created your own account, please login. You can login either on the web interface or on the mobile app.
  • Step 3: Players want to play Keno, you need to make a deposit into the dealer. Transfer funds from the main account to the game account. Sign in to your account. Next select “Funds”. Select “Transfer Fund”. Click on “Transfer funds from main account to Apollo, Club W Premier, Divino, Gallardo, Bravado, Massimo, Virtual & Lottery”.
  • Step 4: Start betting. After the Keno account is credited, players select the lottery on the home bar. Select respective game rooms such as Keno or W Keno. Hit play now and start betting.

Before placing a bet, players need to choose a bet limit depending on the available capital. The minimum is 10 and the maximum is 2000. You should choose a small bet if you do not have much experience and do not know how to play Keno on W88.

Types of bets offered at Keno W88

Over / under betting: The total score of the 20 selected marbles must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Over: Greater than 810 points, odds 1.95.
  • Under: Less than 810 points, odds 1.95.
  • Draw: Equal to 810, odds 1.08.

Odd / even betting: From the total score of the 20 marbles will be calculated based on the final number.

  • Odds total: 1.95.
  • Even total: 1.95.

Bet on five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth: The total score of 20 marbles is predicted based on 1 range and 5 bet ranges.

  • Metal: 210 – 695, odds 9.2.
  • Wood: 696 – 763, odds 4.6.
  • Water: 764 – 855, odds 2.4.
  • Fire: 856 – 923, odds 4.6.
  • Earth: 924 – 1410, odds 9.2.

Pearls Betting: In the range 1 – 80, player selects 1 to 5 numbers when betting on pearls.

Over / under / tie betting:

  • Over: If the numbers 1 – 40 represent more than 10 of the 20 marbles drawn, odds 2.3.
  • Under: If between 41 and 80 numbers more than 10 of the 20 marbles drawn, odds 2.3.
  • Draw: There are 10 numbers between 1-40 and 10 remaining numbers between 41-80, odds 4.3.

Experience playing Keno at W88

  • At W88, players are allowed to try out unlimited games. Therefore, you should take advantage of that to practice and improve your chances of winning.
  • Should build a flexible play Keno Strategy and not be stereotyped in one style. Be active in learning.
  • The player can calculate the number of duplicate results of numbers. So you will discover a rule of the house and based on that to bet.
  • You need a good memory to remember as many numbers as possible. Or have a notebook to take notes.
  • Your odds of winning will depend on your number of 10-digit hits and the size of the table.
  • Follow Keno game guide be decisive when placing a bet. Do not hesitate for too long after careful calculation.
  • Do not bet multiple numbers at the same time, and prioritizing small numbers increases the odds of winning.


Above are all information about how to play Keno Casino online on very simple W88, just while playing you get a good judgment. If everyone is still not confident in their betting ability, they can join the trial product of w88. If you are new to playing and are new to fast dial speeds, choose the Keno online genre that allows betting 30 seconds or more like Rapid Keno. Hope you understand the rules of Keno on W88 and win a lot.