How to play Fight the Landlord – Chinese card game at W88

How to play Fight the Landlord

Fight the Landlord is known as a fairly new but attractive card game, attracting a lot of new people because of its simple gameplay, beautiful interface, and requires players to have sharp thinking and reasonable strategies. If you want to join the experience, please read the article online gambling below to learn more about how to play Fight the Landlord in detail.

Fight the Landlord card game overview

Chinese Tien Len (Dou DiZhu) is simply understood as a way of playing cards in the Chinese style, originating from the Hubei province of this country. The original name of this game is roughly translated as Fight the Landlord and published by Gameplay Interactive game developer.

According to statistics, although it has only appeared in a relatively short time, this card game has very quickly owned a huge number of players.

  • The Chinese Tien Len uses a standard 54-card deck including the joker.
  • Each game will have a maximum of 3 players divided specifically as a landlord and two as a farmer based on the maximum stake.
  • Each player’s task is to use their larger card to block the first player. Whoever runs out of all the cards in his hand first wins.

Rules of playing Fight the Landlord on W88 Live

Fight the Landlord card game is basically not too complicated compared to other common card games. Therefore, if you are joining for the first time, you need to spend a little time learning the rules will help you know how to play Fight the Landlord in W88 below:

How to play Fight the Landlord in W88

  • Each game must have 3 players and be divided into clear tasks: 1 person is a landlord, 2 people are a farmer.
  • Before the start of the game, to divide the tasks, all members will bid. The first person to pay the maximum bet of 5x will be the landlord at that table. If no one bet max or all choose max bet then the role of landlord will be chosen at random.
  • When the game takes place, the first player will be the landlord, then 2 people will be the farmer. To block landlords, farmers must use cards of greater value, not necessarily of the same color.
  • If the landlord runs out of cards first, the bet is won and the bonus is doubled, and if one of the farmers wins, the prize will be divided equally between the two.

Conditions to win in Fight the Landlord

If the landlord plays all the cards in his hand -> Landlord wins

If either farmer plays all the cards first -> Farmer wins

Ranking is a card in Fight the Landlord

  • Order of cards: black < red
  • Card order: 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K < A < 2 < Colorless Joker < Colored Joker.
  • Single Card: Consists of odd cards, which do not form a combination, in which the smallest single card is 3 black, the largest is the red joker.
  • Single-card sequence: Consists of 5 consecutive odd cards or more, in which, the single-card sequence from 3 to 7 black will have the lowest rank, the single card sequence from 10 to red A will have the highest rank.
  • Pair: 2 cards of the same value.
  • Triple Pair: A combination of 3 or more consecutive pairs. For example: double 4 – double 5 – double 6 or double 7 – double 8 – double 9 – double 10, etc.
  • Triple: Consists of three cards of the same value.
  • Four of a Kind: Includes 4 cards of the same value. Four of a kind can block any opponent’s card.

Order of playing Fight the Landlord on W88 betting bookmakers

At the beginning of the game, each player will be dealt 17 random cards by the system. After that, the last 3 cards will be placed on the betting table and search and appoint 1 landlord.

Next, the player who plays the landlord will receive the last 3 cards on the table and turn them face up. Then, proceed to play 1 card in advance, the game will be played with 2 farmers in turn in a counter-clockwise direction.

The task of both farmers is to join forces to use cards of higher value to block the landlord. During the game round, if 2 farmers or 1 farmer, 1 landlord consecutively choose to skip, that round will stop to start a new round.

The game will end when the landlord or farmer plays all the cards he has in his hand first. And of course, that person will win and be paid.


Above is our general information about Fight the Landlord card game on W88 Malaysia. In general, it can be seen that this is an interesting and attractive intellectual card game, especially with Chinese culture.

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