Video Poker – How to Play Video Poker In Few Steps

Video Poker

If you are a true online gambler then you must know about Video poker. It was one of the earliest types of betting simulation games. What is so attractive about this game? Are the gameplay and rules difficult? The following article from W88 online bookie will help you understand how to play Video Poker.

What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a form of gambling based on a traditional 52-card deck, which is simulated and placed in large screen slot machines.

Currently, this game is also transformed into an online game at the prestigious W88 bookie so that players can satisfy their passion at any time.

The bookmaker will pay to those who win. The biggest is Royal Flush and the lowest to get paid out is Jacks or Better. And if the hand has only one pair or no hand, of course you will be the loser.

Thanks to the novelty and fun of this type of video poker, the number of people participating in the experience is increasing.

How to play Video Poker

For those who are new to this poker game, you should start with the lowest bets and at reputable casino bookmakers like W88 often support players with the lowest bets.

How to Play Video Poker
How to play Video Poker for beginners

In addition, players should also note that Online Video Poker machines will be set up depending on the casino owner. Each casino will have a different way of betting and the possibility of paying different rewards. The specific gameplay is as follows:

  • By pressing the “Give” button, the machine will automatically deal you 5 cards. After receiving all 5 cards, you will be allowed to exchange cards with the machine.
  • Press the “Hold” button to keep the cards you want. After that, the remaining cards will be renewed according to your requirements.
  • Usually you will be allowed to change 2-3 times. After the exchange is completed, the stake will depend on your card combination.

Betting Rules

To play video poker effectively, with an easy win, players need to follow some betting rules as follows:

In the first games, only small bets should be made to learn the online bookmaker’s betting system.

Don’t bet too much money on one game, don’t let all your money lose in a few rounds of betting.

How to win at video poker

While there is now a safe way to win at online poker, there are ways to give yourself the best chance of winning over time.

These ways can be found in a combination of the two factors mentioned in the above section. One way is much easier than the other, namely just playing video poker slots with the most profitable %RTP.

Much harder to do is to play each hand in a mathematically optimal way. However, players of all levels can improve their chances of making money from each hand by taking the time to consider how they can improve their hand in terms of poker hand ranking.

Strategy for playing Video Poker online

Practice playing with the machine

This is the simplest and most convenient way to practice and improve your card skills by yourself. You can practice with the machine whenever you want, whether it’s night or day.

The machine’s intelligent AI mode automatically interacts and makes bold moves. This is the best strategy improvement method for new players.

There are 3 levels to play with the machine to choose from: easy, medium and hard. Each level you pass, your level has increased markedly.

Max Bet

It can be said that this is an unattractive idea for many people. One thing you should know is that placing the maximum bet will help you win big. Please consider your capital source before making this choice.

Play Accumulated Jackpot Video Poker

Jackpot is something that all players want no matter what online game it is. The winnings are huge, but getting it is not easy. Video Poker experts suggest that if conditions permit, you should look for machines that offer progressive Jackpot and combine it with Max Bet. The amount of winnings that it brings will be a number that everyone expects.

Video Poker Games You Should Try

Joker Poker

Classic Poker with Joker as the Wild symbol. Play up to 5 people and get a chance to win up to 4000 coins.

Deuces Wild

Classic Poker with Deuces as the Wild symbol. Play up to 5 people and get a chance to win up to 4000 coins.

Deuces and Jokers

Classic poker with 53 cards. Deuces and Joker are Wild symbols. Play and win a chance to win bets up to 4000 coins.


With the current growth of Video Poker, it is not difficult for you to show off your abilities and earn yourself great bargains. With the information that W88au have just learned together, hopefully you will have more experience playing Video Poker at the reputable online W88 bookie.

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