Glosarry of Gambling Terms Players Often Use Should Know

Gambling Terms
Gambling Terms and Phrases

When participating in gambling, understanding the gambling terms will help you play more effectively. Because then you can easily read articles sharing experiences or betting strategies without being surprised by not understanding the terminology. Let’s learn the gambling phrases synthesized by W88 betting bookmaker experts in the following article.

Basic Gambling Terms and Phrases

Dealer: the person who will take the position of dealing cards

Face Cards: turn the cards face up

Player: the participant plays bets at that table

Wager: bet

Stand/stay: do not block cards, ignore

Double down: double bet mid game

Odds: betting odds, payout odds

Banker – Another name for Dealer

Betting Limits: the minimum and maximum bet limits set by the bookmakers.

Face Card: Includes cards J, Q, K.

Hand: Number of cards the player has in a hand.

Card Washing: Shuffle the cards before playing a new game

Chips: The currency used at the casino

Color Up: Exchange small chips for big chips

Arm: how to throw the dice. When a person throws the dice with the desired result, that person wins the title of “Golden Arm”. Arm is a common term in the game Craps.

Terms in Poker and in Poker Variations

Poker is a card game that is not only popular in European countries but also has many versions throughout Asia. However, the gambling terminology glossary in this game is quite similar.

All-in: bet all the money you have

Ante: minimum amount of chips to bet

Bankroll: all the money a player has for playing poker

Bad Beat: the player has a strong hand and has a great chance of winning

Bluff: the act of fooling the opponent, forcing the opponent to fold the cards

Dead Hand: weak hand, can no longer win

Fold: do not continue because the card is weak, accept the loss of the bet amount

Heads Up: when there are only/two players playing against each other

Quads: Four of a kind

Showdown: all players face up

Upswind: has a high win rate

Pot: Where all bets are held, usually in the middle of the table.

Babies: The term poker, meaning cards of little value.

Gambler’s Glossary

Tight: careful player

Loose: inexperienced player

TAG / LAG: tight aggressive and loose aggressive

Rock / nit: extremely sophisticated players

Maniac: non-tactical player

Calling station: the type of person who calls constantly whether the hand is strong or weak

W88 casino gambling terminology

Gambling terminology glossary
The Essential Glossary Of Gambling Terms

Beginner’s Luck: New player but got lucky and won easily.

Fish: Players lose more money than others.

Flat Top: Fixed amount jackpot bet.

Betting House – Casino system or house.

House Advantage: Real odds and payout value.

Match Play: Multiplayer tournament system. Play in pairs and the game occurs when one of the two players reaches the required score.

Random Number Generator: Also known as RNG for short, a computer program that continuously takes random numbers. From there, these numbers create the sequence like the result in the slot machine. When you play with a slot machine, these numbers are randomly distributed.

Whale: the name of players who bet large amounts of money.

Beard: A player bets on another to hide their identity.

Biased Wheel: Roulette stops in favor of one part of the table, the ball seems to fall more often in one part than in other parts of the table.

Bug: Joker Card

Case Money: Urgent money

Cage: Where to exchange cash for chips, chips for money, etc.

Draw: The cards in your hand are drawn from the deck.

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Term used for bonuses in gambling on W88 gambling

Aggregate Winnings: Some rules for bonuses.

Aggregate Limit: The amount of the house bonus to be paid to the winner.

Add on: Player bet more chips

Barber Pole: When chips have more than one face value

Buck – Bet 100$ on the bet ticket

Black Book: Players are banned by the house from participating in all forms of entertainment due to violation of terms

Coat-tail: Bet on the winner to win

Credits – Cash unit

Casino Reward: When a customer bets a large amount, the house will give a bonus.

Conclusion on gambling terms

The above article on gambling terminology is shared by the leading experts in betting of the W88 house. Surely with the above terms you are quite confident to participate in betting at a basic level. To play better, read more articles tips betting win shared on the prestigious W88 bookie.