Flat betting system: Its advantages and disadvantages in sports

Flat betting system

Whenever punters find themselves in a state of uncertainty, they should consider a betting strategy. Although the betting strategy does not guarantee victory, it reduces the loss significantly. Furthermore, many strategies exist in the betting world. However, some are more effective than others, this includes the flat betting system. Let’s learn about the core of flat betting strategy and how to apply it in sports betting on W88 online bookie.

Overall of the Flat betting system used by W88 players

The Flat betting system serves a variety of purposes for sports bettors on W88 Sports. For players who are passionate about football betting according to probability and odds, surely mathematical betting strategies will be well known.

However, the flat betting system does not include mathematical progression. Moreover, the system is still relatively easy to learn and can be applied immediately. The foundation of the strategy lies in continuously betting the exact same amount in the hope of entering a winning streak.

Flat betting strategy

This flat betting strategy is also known as “fixed bet”. Because the essence of the flat betting strategy lies in the fact that the bettor chooses a certain amount of bet from the beginning of the game and does not change that bet during the play.

While this betting strategy is not geared towards winning big on a sports bet, it nevertheless helps to reduce the risk and if the player has a continuous winning streak, he will win more than his previous loss.

Forms of applying flat bets on W88 sports

Static flat betting: With this form, the initial bet here is equal to 1% of the original bankroll. Meaning, if you have $500 to bet on sports then you will have to bet $5 each time, no matter if your bankroll will increase or decrease and so on until you get a winning streak.

Academic flat betting: The amount per bet of a sportsbook player can vary from 1 to 3% of the original bankroll. Depending on your analysis and betting experience on the positive outcome of the upcoming match.

Aggressive flat betting: With this method, the player’s initial bet will be calculated in 2 – 3% of the bankroll during the sports season, regardless of whether the result decreases or increases. This means that if you encounter a series of losses, you will still have to bet according to your chosen amount and not reduce your bet percentage until the winning streak is back.

Chaotic flat betting: Although this figure does not quite fit the description of the flat betting system. In fact, sometimes sports bettors don’t fully understand the essence of this strategy and don’t think about what the percentage should be. With this form of betting, W88’s sports betting expert does not recommend it because it is extremely risky.

Advantages and disadvantages of flat betting on Sports

Advantages of flat betting system

The main advantage of the flat betting system is its stability. And with static betting or academic form, surely this betting strategy can bring tangible profits in the long run when players bet on W88 sports.

The next advantage is that you have much less risk of losing your entire bankroll compared to other risky betting strategies.

Disadvantages of flat betting system

There are currently no major disadvantages when applying a flat betting strategy, but there are still some notes you need to keep in mind to apply effective sports betting.

Carefully analyze the selected sports event to bet on, because if more than 50% of your predictions are wrong then it will be difficult for you to make a profit even if you apply the flat strategy.

If you’re starting out with a small banker, you shouldn’t expect to get rich quickly because high returns come with high risks. Therefore, be calm and serious with the initial bets placed.


The Flat betting strategy is chosen by many players when participating in sports betting on W88 online bookie. Surely the above article has helped you better understand how to apply this betting strategy.

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