What is Draw No Bet? How to bet on Draw No Bet with examples

Draw No Bet
Draw No Bet meaning

Draw No Bet is becoming increasingly popular with football betting players on W88 who want to limit the risk of their bets. So how to play this Draw No Bet bet? The following article will help players understand Draw No Bet explained on W88 Online Betting.

Overall of a Draw No Bet in betting on W88

Simply understood as the name itself, for this type of bet, when a player participates in a bet. If your bet is correct then you win and earn money. In case the match ends in a draw, the player will be counted as a draw and the house will refund the bet.

Due to the nature of this market, it is often bet by players when they are not really sure to bet on European 1X2. When a player considers that there is a risk that the match may result in a draw, the draw will be refunded – Draw No Bet is a reasonable option to choose.

For this bet, players will have 2 options including: Home Win, and Away Win.

That is, you only need to choose 1 bet, Home or Away wins. In case the team the player bets on wins, the player will receive the winning bet according to the odds ratio. If the match result is a draw, you neither win nor lose like 1X2 betting, but the house will refund the entire bet.

Examples of Draw No Bet on W88 Live Betting House

To help you better understand how bets are calculated, the W88 house has given specific examples as follows:

Draw No Bet Explained
Draw No Bet Explained

Example 1 of Draw No Bet

In this example is the match between the host Leipzig and the away team Tottenham. If the player chooses to bet $100 on Leipzig. At the end of the match, the home team Leipzig wins with any score (1-0, 2-0, 2-1, …) then the player wins the bet and collects the amount of $ 100 x 1.22 = $ 122 ( including $100 principal).Draw No Bet example

Example 2 of Draw No Bet

In the match between Valencia and Atalanta, the player bets 100$ on the away team Atalanta. If the match ends and the home team Valencia wins any score, the player loses the bet and loses the sum of $100.

Draw No Bet example

Example 3 of Draw No Bet

In the match between the host PSG and the away team Dortmund. Player bets $100 on PSG. If the match ends in any draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2,..). Players who bet on the host PSG or those who bet on the away team Dortmund will be counted as a tie and the house will refund the bet.

Draw No Bet example

Revealing the experience of playing Draw No Bet betting effectively

Draw No Bet is considered an easy bet to play and does not have much risk of losing for players. However, the possibility of losing bets can still happen if you do not know a few tips from W88 experts.

Choose a match with a big difference in level

You should select confrontation matches between a strong team and a weak team. Then you bet money on the strong team to increase the chances of a higher bet.

If the strong team has lost and cannot win, the possibility of a draw is still higher when choosing two teams of equal strength.

Carefully analyze the factors that can affect the outcome of the match

The player is injured or suspended.

The coach who received a red card was not able to come out to give instructions.

Performance of the team or player in previous matches.

Strategy of the game and formation on the field of football.

External influences make the team or player mentally depressed and fall into a state of crisis.

Play in combination with some other specific types of rafters

Handicap full match bet.

Bet on which team will score first/no goal/last goal.

First Goal Scorer/Last Goal Scorer.

Odds analysis of the bookmakers

Each bookie will based on the competition situation of each match to offer many different Odds.

Therefore, you can refer to the odds of each bookmaker to be able to bet No Draw Bet more effectively.


Above is some information related to the Draw No Bet betting that is being most interested by many players today at the W88 bookmaker. Through the above, W88 hopes to help you better understand how to bet Draw No Bet effectively.