1×2 Betting Tips – Best 1×2 betting strategy at the match football

1x2 Betting Tips
Best Football Betting Tips 1x2

Referring to football betting, we always know that handicap and Over Under are the most popular and favored bets. However, today let’s learn one more type of bet that is easy to win money, but few people know about it is the European Handicap, also known as the 1×2 betting tips. In this W88 article we will guide you how to play this type of 1×2 bet strategy the most effectively.

Overall of 1×2 bet or European handicap

In the house odds chart you will come across the term “1×2 bet” over and over again. Please understand that this is another name for European handicap. The 1 × 2 handicap is not as difficult to play as you think.

The strength of the European handicap is that you do not need to think about the handicap like in the Asian handicap. Players betting on soccer will bet on one of three outcomes: win, draw or lose. How to read the European handicap is also easier to understand than the financial match.

The win percentage is up to 90%. Of course, the higher the percentage of winnings, the lower the amount you win, but the winner is sure to win.

Meaning of the European handicap symbol 1 x 2

  • 1 (Home win): Bet on the home team to win.
  • X (Draw): Bet on two teams having a tie result.
  • 2 (Away win): Bet on away team to win.
  • FT.1 × 2: European handicap in the whole match.
  • The highly rated team is written in red
  • The underrated team is written in black

The best 1×2 betting tips from experts

Although playing the European handicap is simpler than other forms of betting. But to make a successful bet also requires know-how and practical experience. Here are some of the betting experiences shared by W88’s experienced betting experts:

Should bet 3 – 5 days before the match

To want to win the European handicap, you should bet 3-5 days before the match because this is a time when the house does not have much impact on the odds. Near the date of the match, it is not advisable to bet the European handicap at that time because at this time the house changes the handicap continuously, it is very difficult to predict.

Analyze the team situation and performance

Whether you play Europe or the Asian handicap, you should spend a lot of time analyzing the correlation force between the two teams, analyzing the performance, the confrontation history, etc. When you are sure of this information, your betting will be accurate.

Over 0.5 FT (Alternative Match Goals)

With this method, you only apply the running style, which means placing a bet while the game is in progress. When it comes to the 10th minute of the match, you bet 0.5 and increase gradually. You can read more in the running forums and bet on experienced players, your chances of winning will be very high.

Capital management strategy for everyone

In the list of matches on the same day, there will be at least 1 match where the player’s win rate is greater than 80%. Try to control yourself and choose only this match. Try to place a controlled bet at $ 100 per day on a single match. This is one of the most useful 1×2 betting strategy that experts want to share with readers for reference.

Other 1×2 Betting Tips from W88’s Experts

Try to base your efforts on the house reviews and predictions. The dealer still gives judgment on the stronger and weaker teams.

Check handicap odds with the strong team rule that will accept the weaker team. Regardless of the odds, you still need to check all the information before making a betting decision.

Try to find information such as the team’s performance in at least the last 4 matches. You should find more information about the team’s injury. And the match conditions such as weather, whether the game is ideal or not, the lineup.

Football is the most common 1 × 2 handicap sport. It is not, however, the only sport where this bet is available. European betting is applicable to all team sports with a win – draw – loss result at home or away. Therefore, sports such as cricket, rugby or hockey are also using a 1 × 2 odds ratio per day more and more popular.


The above article has answered the concepts of 1 × 2 betting and what are effective 1 × 2 betting tips. Also instruct readers on how to place bets, some of the best betting experiences from W88 Australia experts. Hopefully, after consulting the article, you have an overview of this bet and can be applied in practice today. Thank you for your interest in the article about this fascinating betting tips today!