What is Head to Head betting? Explained and how it works

Head to Head betting

Betting has now become an indispensable pastime for gamblers. Among them, there are many different types of bets for players to choose from, typically head-to-head bets. So what is this head-to-head bet and how does it work? Let’s go with W88au.net to find out and discover details in the article below.

What is Head to Head betting?

Head to Head bets are bets in which a participant has to choose 1 of 2 outcomes of a sports match to win or lose. At the same time, this type of bet will compare two participating teams facing each other in the same match. In case the team or athlete has more than 2, then the results of the added teams will not be affected.

On the other hand, when participating in head-to-head bets, the result of a draw in the match will not be counted. However, this does not mean that players cannot participate in this type of bet in sports with a possible draw such as football, basketball, etc. If there is a tie, the player can get their stake back.

The winner will be decided at the official time of the match. However, some bookies include overtime, so double check before placing your bets.

Which sports allow head-to-head betting and how it works?

Head to head bets were originally created specifically for horse racing, but today this type of bet is available on almost all different sports on the W88 online bookie. Because the nature of sport is to find the individual or the team playing to win. Therefore, this form of betting is extremely suitable for many sports.

Some sports that allow players to bet on match-ups are: football, tennis, formula 1 racing, golf, basketball, hockey, head-to-head sports, etc. If the sport has more than two players or teams participating, now you need to choose the player or team that you predict will win.

In theory, you can bet on two teams in two different matches. However, you will not benefit. If the two teams have an equal chance of winning, then you don’t get +100 odds on each selection. The bookie also calculates the cutoff so you can have odds around -115.

If you place a head-to-head bet in a match with more than 2 players or 2 teams, the team or player you bet on doesn’t have to win the whole match. As long as that team or player ranks higher than the opponent, it is counted as winning.

Head-to-head bet example

Once you understand the theory, let’s dive into practice. Below is an example of the two cases and the outcome of head-to-head bets.

Head-to-head bet example

Win the bet

This is an example of a confrontation between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens. You bet $100 on the Titans and at the end the Titans win with a score of 28:12 even though they are the underdog in the match. Then, you win the bet and get paid a total of $375.

Lose the bet

For example, you bet head-to-head in a formula 1 race. You see a pretty good head-to-head betting. You’d expect Hamilton to win the race, and the -140 odds are pretty good too. However, by the end of the race, Bottas was far ahead of Hamilton and became the winner. Then you lose the bet.

Head-to-head betting guide for new players on W88

Head-to-head bets are pretty simple, but you won’t always win. If you are new to betting, then check out the following guide.

Carefully check player or team information

Before placing bets, please familiarize yourself with the teams or players by checking the information. Also carefully study their recent performance.

Take a close look at the confrontation history

It is necessary to carefully consider the confrontation history of 2 teams or 2 players to see which side’s head-to-head record is better. From here also give the correct head-to-head bets.

Collect various information

Collect a lot of relevant information such as injury situations, team play, recent achievements, etc. to be able to make the best decision.


Above, W88 online bookie has clearly answered what a head-to-head bet is. It also provides detailed instructions on how head-to-head betting works at the moment. Hopefully the above betting tips has once again made you understand better about head to head betting.

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